Top 7 Free Macro Automation Software

In this article we are informing you about the free Macro automation software. But instead of describing first you need to know that for what reason it should be meant. So, the reason is sometimes you feel annoyed and worn out when you perform the same task

6 Best DNS Services to Keep You Protected From Malware and Phishing Attacks

DNS stands for Domain Name Server which keeps track of all the respective hostname and their IP address. Nowadays many of us are familiar with the concept & thought of security software’s. You can easily use the DNS every time when you surf the internet. The process

7 Alternatives For MS Office And Adobe Reader

In this high-tech field, you will find a long list of software that work like an editor but most popular software tools that can be found rarely on every system are MS office and Adobe reader. These both editors support equally file formats, styles and editing features.

Top 10 Tricks That Every Computer Geek Must Know

Nowadays everyone is interested to know about informative computer tricks that will make your work more easier. Well, we all know computer technology is growing day by day and due to this, work complications may get reduced . Basically this is an advancement for all of us

Top 7 Websites That Offer Online Coding Courses

Are you planning to learn coding and programming in this year? Don’t you think learn this course online is more interesting way to gain knowledge and this will save your time too. Feeling amazed to hear that how you can do these course online? Yes, Nowadays Online

Top 8 Devops Tools For Automated Infrastructure

Devops mainly stands for development and operations which deal with services, operations and software development. It maintains collaboration, integration, and communication between information technologies operation persons and software developers. What are Devops tools? The tools which are use from development to the production surroundings for making an

5 Tips to Solve Linux & Unix System Hard Disk Problems

Taking the backup is a daunting task as it may lead to lost files, folders or accidental hard disk formatting. Ever your hard disk crash or leading to poor stability term? If the backup failed because of storage full or write problem to disk then following are

Top 7 Best CAD Apps for Linux

In the era of computer technology, the design and design documentation process is done under the Computer-Aided Design technology. It becomes an integral part that moves forward in many aspects. Due to the demand of professional designing, CAD software is quite expensive for Windows, MAC or other

Top 5 YouTube Downloader Tools For Ubuntu

Most of the people often use YouTube for entertainment, education or some other purposes. Education becomes simpler and easy to understand with so many revolutionary up-loaders. But some of the peoples have no internet access and then idea comes to our mind is to download the video

Top 5 Bit Torrent Clients for Ubuntu Users

Bit torrent is a method of downloading. A downloading file is broken down into small files and rest parts are fetched from different servers at once. For instance, if you are trying to download a Linux.iso file, it prefers to download through torrent rather than having the