6 Best Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity at Work

A lot of innovative technologies emerge to the browser for amazing productivity.  More than a fourth part of web-based traffic comes out from the people who are using Google Chrome. Even we all are trying to find the next level of a productivity tool. Thousands are preferred

5 Useful Apps to Manage Bookmarks on Android

A home of applications and more – Android. Most of the peoples like Android smart phones that have been developing vastly. Over a couple of years, Brands are improving their Android services. In fact, people are moving to smart phones for better customer services or browsing the

9 Best Linux Software of All Time

No matter, whether you are using a personal laptop or Desktop, each user has their own choice of software/applications. Linux is one of best, task-oriented and massively used operating system with high-quality performance. Every user has own choice of applications on the basis of their preferences, habits

6 Most Useful Office Apps for Android Devices

In this era, we are living in the mobile world where offices apps have been gaining valuable productivity in the purposes of Spreadsheets, drafting documents, presentations and even for tracking. To create and edit document/file on mobile device for urgent work, you need a free office app.

10 Open Source Mobile Development Tools

With wide range of options, large and medium development companies are growing in mobile world to offer mobile applications. Each tool/platform is unique. Also, each has different features, capabilities, advantages, drawbacks and behavior. In this age and day, every one is now familiar to open source mobile

7 Free Online Virtual Room Tools

What if you could imagine something in your mind and see it live in front of you so that you can decide that how its gonna be after implementing the design. The whole idea can save a lot of effort, money and time in real world when

5 Best Rescue Disks for a Windows System Restore

Every window user should aware about breakdown, malfunctions or recover/restore disk. When your system reboots itself, behaving strangely or getting error to start then it may demand for rescue disk. Rescue disks which are highly packed with repair tools to recover password or to detect damage data.

12 Best Data Visualization Tools

Data describes the daily activities that you like to do. Data visualization interacts with the data. Visualization comes out with presentation of real life. It attracts your audience and people often get interesting. Looking for the data visualization tools to prepare killer presentation? Scroll & Read this

9 Tools to Monitor & Examine the Windows Registry

The window registry term is one of most popular term in operating systems. All operating systems have their own window registry. Through window registry command experts can increase the performance of their computer.  But if you don’t have technical knowledge, you will definitely delete some files which

7 Awesome Open Source Cloud Storage for Your Privacy and Security

As you know, this is the era of Cloud storage. Cloud storage word defines itself very clearly. You can store your data across multiple servers. Nowadays, Cloud storage software is used almost by each and every company (Small scale organization to large).  Everyone wants to keep data