There are numerous people looking for a job all over the world and almost every job seeker makes at least one mistake while searching for a job. Every single mistake takes you one step away from your desired job. Hence, it is very important to avoid committing even a single mistake while searching for a job. Here are some of the common mistakes which often a job seeker commits while searching for job but needs to be avoided completely.

Job search mistakes

8 Job Search Mistakes You Must Avoid:

No Professional E-mail Address:

If you are looking for a job, then it is very important to have a professional email address. Sending your resumes with email addresses beginning or ending with cool or angel are counted among some of the biggest blunders and employers are likely to reject you by simply looking at your email address.

Create Digital Presence:

In this digital world, it is very important to have a digital presence. Have an account on at least one or two social networking websites and use them actively. The social networking websites that are talked here are not the ones meant for dating and chatting. There are several business oriented social networking working websites that used by recruiters to recruit people. So, have your account on such websites, upload a proper picture and update your bio so that you can be found easily by the recruiters.

Know Which Profile You Want:

Do not start your search for a job without a proper a plan. You will just end up wasting your time and getting even more confused. So, decide, what kind of job profile you would like to have and then begin your search.

Know Answers to Common Questions:

Recruiters often ask some common questions like why this job, future goals, why this company etc. You should be able to provide a satisfactory response to these questions. Search on the internet about common questions asked in interview and be prepared with their answers.

Pay Attention to Job Description:

Many recruiters who post their vacancies on certain job portal clearly states in the job description that job seekers should apply for the job by visiting a certain website and not through the portal.The candidates who still apply through the job portal end up getting rejected as this shows lack of attention which is not at all accepted by employers.

Grammatical and Spelling Errors in Resume:

It is not at all necessary to send one resume for each job. However, it is extremely necessary to review each resume carefully before sending it out the employers because grammatical and spelling errors in your resume can act against you. Even a tiniest error will create a bad impression on your employer. So, get your resume reviewed by your friends and family whom you trust before forwarding it to the employer.

Failure to Ask Questions at the Interview:

At the time of interview, recruiters give candidates an opportunity to ask questions. Candidates should never leave this opportunity as this would send a wrong signal to the recruiters that you are not interested in the job. Employers want someone who look interested in the job and by asking relevant questions about the company, its work culture and managers you can show how interested you are in taking up that job.

Never Look Only for Job Openings:

Searching only for job openings is quite an obsolete method for job hunting. The best job are rarely listed in vacancies.In fact, many good positions are created only at the time of interview. So, don’t focus on opportunities and not on openings as opportunities are present everywhere which is not the case with openings.