The business world is now all about the entrepreneurs along with the small and medium business houses. It is not just about the big sharks anymore. Hence the market has been a breeding ground for everyone who works hard. As far entrepreneurs and small and medium business houses are concerned, they depends much on technology. Earlier the big boys use many human resources and huge machines and get their jobs done in hot time with effective results, but in the current day world where technology has surpassed the old traditional ways of business and manufacture in most of the sector, it is all about using the right tool.

For a freelancer or an entrepreneur, it is quite difficult to manage their workers, schedules and projects working from different locations. There are several issues that come up while doing that and that is the reason why they depend much on the online tools and the softwares for their scheduling and Collaborations. But the real dilemma is not the tools, but the quantity of the tools. There are so many tools out there that it is quite difficult for you to choose the finest among them. There are few that are accurate and fast while there are many with bugs that can actually slow you instead of making you run fast in your business. That is why it is very much important for a freelancer or an entrepreneur to choose the right one for their business. That is why in this content we will try to find out the best Online Collaboration Tools for Project Handling.Online Collaboration Tools

13 Best Online Collaboration Tools for Project Handling:


Creating and managing different users with security is a tough ask but not anymore. Projecturf is the perfect for your business. The dashboard allows one to analyze data usage and management.


Basecamp is another popular Online Collaboration Tool for Project Handling that has been quite popular among the people all round the world. It enables you to share your files, images and docs easily.


Wrike is rated as the top real time workspace tool in the business. It helps you with real time decision making in the business. It is also very more affordable.


Taking care of the projects and at the same time connecting with your colleagues can be a difficult task at times and that is why Goplan is high recommended. It is the best for your business.

Zoho projects:

Zoho is known for its bug tracking features and it helps your business to be done in perfect time. With the help of Zoho you can record your working hours and store files online.


Can you imagine about a platform that allows you can chat with your clients at the same time along with that securing the chats with passwords? Well! It is definitely possible with this one.The  CampFire has been pretty successful in providing the best web based chat tool in the business.


Producteeve allows you to connect with many users at a time and one thing that is attracting many people all over the globe is that it’s free.


FReedCamp is the one tool that allows customers unlimited project solutions such as recording and monitoring project time.


When we talk about the best cloud based collaboration platform, then the one tool that we must mention is Huddle.


Instant messaging is very much important in the case of small and medium business houses and Slack is the perfect solution for that.


WebEx takes business meetings to another level by providing personalized video conferencing feature.


This is another popular online video conferencing tool that has been very successful among the entrepreneurs and small and medium business houses.


Flowdock enables its users to check out the notification from social sites such as twitter and Asana in one team inbox.