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How to Run macOS on Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine

Mac OS is the name that comes right after Microsoft while talking about operating system for computers. Basically both of them are designed to perform similar kind of tasks but still they are different from each other. The file formats supported by Mac are not accessible through

How To Open Recently Quit Apps On Mac OS

After the name of windows, the second most used operating system for laptops and computers is Mac. It is specially designed to run all the computers that are manufactured by Apple Company.  You can use it exactly like windows but the functionalities have a bit difference. In

6 Killer Open Source Network Monitoring Tools

Along with the rapidly increasing rate of internet connectivity, the need of network monitoring has increased to a new level. Now almost every mobile phone holder is using internet for various purposes such as social connectivity or official work. In that case, the need of open source

How to Delete Your Mac’s Recovery Partition

If you have a Mac book and you want to delete the Mac’s recovery partition then this is the right place for seeking help. While upgrading or changing the operating system of your device, the installation process automatically creates recovery partition. This tool was introduced by apple since

How to Restore Deleted iCloud Drive Files

Cloud storage is a latest and worldwide used virtual memory space technology to solve the issue of physical storage devices limitations. Some companies are providing cloud storage services for free while others are charging a certain amount of money. The online storage facility provided by Apple Company

How to Run Android Apps on macOS

Currently android is the leading operating system in Smartphone industry because it is open source, so anyone having little programming knowledge can develop its applications. The number of android mobile applications is much higher as compare to any other platform. Applications offered by android are very useful

10 Best Free Video Editing Software for Mac

Video editing is quite an interesting activity. While some people do it just for fun or as a hobby, some people do it with a purpose. Either way, you will need video editing software in order to edit your videos. There are many amazing paid software available

Top 5 Emails Clients for Linux, Mac OS and Windows Users

Email is the one of oldest method to share information and to get connected with family or friends. Email is easy and effective way to communicate with business leads. Smart mobiles and new technologies have not made e-mail obsolete; despite it has changed the way of access.