The advanced methods of communication have become possible only with the help of super fast internet connectivity services. Currently, a number of video chat apps on android are available which are providing video calling feature without any charges. The existence of android is main reason behind the evolution of these services at vast level. Just download any of the video calling app from android play store, install it and start chatting with your family, friends or colleagues. With the help of some best chat apps on android, you can make high definition video calls without any interruption.

There was a time when video calling services were very costly and only specific criteria of people were able to use them. But android has broke this myth and provide affordable video calling for an average Smartphone user very easily. You can use these video chat apps on android just like other social media apps that includes text chatting and files sharing services too. If you are looking for best video chat apps on android, then below list can definitely help you. Scroll down the page and checkout some of the coolest ever apps that you can download and use for video calling purpose:-

Video Chat Apps On Android

The 8 Best Video Chat Apps On Android

1.              1.  Imo:

    Video Chat Apps On Android

Imo is one of the most well-known video chat apps on Android. Along with video calling mostly people use it for chatting with friends. The preferable networks for this app are 2G, 3G, 4G, and LTE. This app is recommendable due to its high-quality video calls. By using Wi-Fi connections one can make use of it, sending messages including stickers and photos has increased its demand in the market. This 9.8.000000006911 is the currents version i.e. in use by a number of peoples worldwide. The rating of this app is 3+. People are enjoying the features of Imo in Android tablets and ios based devices.

2.       Skype:

Video Chat Apps On Android

Skype is counted among the best video chat apps for Android phones. This application provides you the option of group video call chat with up to 25 peoples. For Skype, to Skype video chat conversation this application has achieved a top most standard across worldwide due to its HD quality. The most popular feature of this application is making a call in landline numbers at an affordable rate at Skype credits. One can buy these Skype credits at a cheaper rate, with the help Skype numbers lots of people are enjoying its benefit.

3.       Facebook Messenger:

Video Chat Apps On Android

Facebook Messenger for video chat works by linking it with your phone number. This is one of the easiest video chat apps on android for connecting people with one another. Talking about the Facebook product means it is safe and secure. In this one will find a number of stickers to explain the emotions. These icons are commonly used for chatting purpose and for group video chat also. Additional information is updated recently in this app. The current version of messenger varies with devices. Rating of this facebook messenger and reviews of people are quite enough to explain its popularity.

4.       Whatsapp:

Video Chat Apps On Android

This application does not need any introduction Whatsapp is regularly updating its feature with innovative ideas. Video calls and voice calls are the most popular features of Whatsapp. HD quality has been used to make video calls more reliable for users. Whatsapp is supportive in all Android devices, Blackberry, and iPhones. There are multiple specifications video chat apps on android  such as this platform is reliable, simple and safe for the transformation of data through video or voice chats.  With the help of supportive internet connections, one can easily speak freely without any disturbance. The outstanding feature of Whatsapp in the market has raised the demand of this application around worldwide networks. Every age group of people is using this application for their personal use. This platform of transferring information has brought revolution in worldwide areas.    

5.       Google Duo:

        This is one of the latest platforms for best video chat on androids. One can use it by simple methods like add your details and verify the phone number. Thus these easy steps are performed by the user for making video calls. Rating of this application is 4+, which makes it more reliable. Connecting with friends and sharing feelings by face to face conversation is the best way to make your bonding strong. Google Duo app has achieved lots of success in the market. As this is Google product, so there are no chances of fear and worry. Making this app more preferable is the main focus of Google Duo team. One feature i.e. “knock knock” it means one can easily preview the face of the caller before attending it.

6.       Viber:

 Video Chat Apps On Android

This platform has provided us free chatting and video calling, one can easily transfer information from one place to another through this app. But the only limitation is that this conversation can take place within the Viber user. This app is used to make video calls within viber network.  Without any registration details or such security issue, this is free to use and reliable. The internet connections such as 3G, 4G are best enough to use. It supports all Android devices and ios based applications. Hence there are a number of competitors video chat apps on android which offer tough competition regarding its usage. Location sharing information and emoticons are their best features which are used around the globe. This app is easy to install and configure.

7.       Tango:

Video Chat Apps On Android

About this, you must have heard earlier or some people have used it also. The free messaging and calls for conversation has made it best video chat on androids. One of its best features like receiving and sending information has increased its demand in the market. Earlier it was considered under the best way of usage for transmitting data, till now some people are still using it. Group chats and social interaction with new updates and innovative ideas differs it from one another. Even in bad connections, this app will provide you outstanding video calling option.

8.       Hike messenger:


With the help of Hike Messenger, one can share the stories and videos. This app is the best option for messaging and for video chatting as well. This chat platform is used by a number of people in the countries. A live filter with inbuilt photo editing tool has made it even better. Some cool emoticons and themes are its attractive features.