Having a blog which is for free is what most people want these days. There are many sites which allow people to blog without spending their money from the pocket. Blogging is a concept which is growing these days. And additionally, there are many blogging platforms which are offered to the internet savvy people. Any person who is very much interested in blogging and needs to create his or her own blog, then there are certain blogs in the post which shall help the person in choosing from some top blog sites which helps in creation of blog for free.

For people who love blogging there are many options from which they can choose. Some of the top blogging sites are a blogger and WordPress. People can choose either one for blogging. There are many options here. So, people can choose any one start blogging around. And people will also understand what to use and what should not be used in blogging.

There are many new blogging sites with services. The blogging platforms some which are offered requires service charges also. But this is of no use, so, here’s the list of some top free blogging platforms from which the individuals can choose and serve. Here’s a list of 12 best blog sites to create your blog for free.

12 Best Blog Sites to Create Your Blog For Free:



Blogger is one of the best blog sites which the individuals can use. It offers multi users’ blog which is private. Additionally, it allows time stamped entries. This blog offers the individual to publish blogs on another host through FTP. Best blogger templates can also be shown.


12 Best Blog Sites to Create Your Blog For Free

WordPress is another best blogging platform which is offered were the individuals can create their blogs. You can choose the best WordPress themes and plugins to make your blog stand out of the crowd. WordPress is being used by billions of people around the world.



Tumblr is another blog site which is very good as it offers the users to post text along with images. Quotes and videos can also be posted in the tumble log. This is one kind of micro blogging blog. Like twitter people can follow the users and also there is a option of making Tumblr private. There are certain themes which are beautifully created which is for free.



It is one of the most unique platform for blogging as it allows the users to interpret the slog (work) of other people. This is one of the extra features of the blog. Through this blog large number of people can be attached. You can also log in from twitter.



This is also one of the best blog sites which can be ever worked on with. It offers users with journal and diary in the blog. There is also a live journal online community which the individuals can join which is for free. It offers some different platforms like commenting, calendars, self contained community, social sites etc.



This blog is also very good and comfortable in use. It is a community based question and answer type blog. Take any random topic, for example, and the entire communication starts with a number of people asking questions and answering. This blog is rated as one of the best blogs for question answer type talks.


Weebly - Best Blog Sites to Create Your Blog For Free

Weebly is another best blog site which can be logged in with Facebook account also. This site offers designed templates and website building which is more than 90 and is a great blog to work with.



Edublogs is another popular blog which hosts education services. This blog offers individual with an easy manage student’s blog. It is more of like the students and teacher blog. The individuals can include images, educational videos, etc. This is a wonderful blog which is safe and secure. This blog is very useful for educational information related stuffs.



Blog is another best blog which offers publishing of stuffs for free. The individual can use this unlimited bandwidth for free and create a writing community. Additionally there is many other features which is for more beneficial for those individuals who pay.



This blog is a novice blogging community which is also very good. This blog has similar features of those of WordPress.



Wix is another most top rated blog site which is very good as it allows the users to add various kinds of applications through wix app market. It offers the individual with beautiful templates.



It is another blogging site which offers the individual with social networking and offers all kind contents. Hub pages are one of the best rated sites and most of the services are for free on this blog.