Technology has been serving humanity with its best. It is a technology that has encouraged us to explore the unexplored and it is technology that gives us confidence. One such technology that has been changing the world is the movie making tools. Now it is a common thing to shoot a movie and edit it. You can do it in your PC. IT is that simple. This has encouraged many of us to explore the world of movie making. And for others just making a surprise birthday video or a wedding anniversary video is unexplainable. These are the videos that are uploaded all over the social media and these are the videos that make people famous at times. But who does the trick? That is when we need to mention the amazing movie editing tools that you can use online.

There are several tools that are present currently that you can use it on your PC. For windows you can use the windows movie maker and for Mac you can use the iMovie. What about Linux? You cannot use either of these two tools.  But there is nothing to worry; you are in the right place. In this content we will try to figure out some of the best Linux Video Editing Software for Free Download in the business.

6 Best Linux Video Editing Software for Free Download

There are several such tools that you can get online, but it is quite hectic to get the best. That is why in this content we will provide you with a list of the top 6 Linux Video Editing Software for Free Download. Here is the list of the top 6 Linux Video Editing Software for Free Download.


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6 Best Linux Video Editing Software for Free Download:

Open Shot:

The Open Shot is one of the popular Linux Video Editing Software that you can get free of cost and it is an open source Linux Video Editing Software. There are many features that make this one quite popular among the people. This one is quite easy to use and there are easy drag and drop option with this tool. You can also get access to trimming and cropping of images with this one.


For a simple snapping, trimming and cropping this is one of the best tools in the business. There are many other things that make this one very popular among the editors. You can use the Keyboard shortcuts for the same.


The Blender is a very popular 3D graphics video editing tool, and it is absolutely free to use. Some of its popular features include 3D modeling, trimming and skinning. This one is written in python, C and C++. This tool is quite easy to use, unlike many others that are confusing and that is why this is so popular among the people all round the globe.


For simple cutting and editing the Avidemux is rated as one of the best tools in the business and there are several people who are using this one. There are several formats that are available in this tool and that is why the demand of this one is increasing every day.


The Cinelerra is a very popular video editing tool that enables you to go for capturing, compositing, and editing audio and video. This tool is also rated as one of the best because of its UI.


It is a very popular free and open source editing software in the business that has been quite successful among the users all over the globe. This tool is also known for its wide range of file formats that it supports. So get this one today.