When you are seeking for the best online accounting software for small business, make sure that you look for solutions and alternatives that are reasonable and viable in every sense possible. The online accounting software should be uncomplicated and reliable to use. One must also ensure that the accounting software available online saves one’s time and hassle free certain other additional features that smoothly solves all accounting problems of a small business, for instance automated entries, bill payments, invoicing, financial reports, expense reports and reconciliations. Such accounting software must be capable enough to take all the intricacies related to day-to-day business transactions and financial dealings and constantly solve them.

Additionally, one must also search for the finest accounting software that will make it easy for an individual who handles it to carry out advanced tasks, for example, inbuilt financial reports and data syncing. The aforementioned advanced tasks like built-in financial reports and data syncing assists to perform functions like keeping up with a point of sale (POS) systems and maintaining bank accounts. By every passing day, the accounting industry is upgrading itself towards growth with the evolution of technology and transformation in requisite policies. Managing their finance and business has become easier. Rather than just delaying actions till the year end, the concerned handler of all the accounts can utilize the online accounting software to control their regular functioning of a business and keep their accounts updated.

Best Online Accounting Software

When specifically dealing with small business, it does not require expensive online accounting software to maintain a general ledger and managing basic business accounting tasks. Take a look at the list of seven best and most useful online accounting software mentioned below:

7 Best Online Accounting Software for Small Business Owners:

AccountEdge Pro:

AccountEdge Pro offers more functionalities than just accounting itself. It provides features like Do It Yourself (DIY) or outsourced payroll function, which helps to connect accounting to payroll taxes. Retailers can also take advantage of its inventory management suite that is a useful tool in integrating with popular e-commerce solutions.

Free Agent:

Unlike several other online accounting software products available in the market that restrict transactions unless you buy a more expensive package, FreeAgent provides unlimited users, clients, invoices, expenses and various other functions for a price on a one month basis. It also offers the feature of project management to aid in keeping track of billable hours. FreeAgent is the most preferred by freelancers, consultants and other types of small businesses.


Freshbooks is considered as the most reliable online accounting software by the business owners. It is more user-friendly as well as cloud based accounting software even for the non accountants. It can be referred as the finest accounting app for iOS and Android devices for providing a long list of accounting tasks that an individual can perform on the go.


This accounting software is a free of cost , Linux-based software that has all the attributes, which a small business require to manage their finances, for instance, tracking income and expenses, double entry accounting, financial reports and calculations, scheduled transactions and many more. It also offers has a feature to track bank accounts, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Apart from Linux, GnuCash can also be accessed on Android devices.


Harvest is online accounting software that makes it hassle free to receive payments and bill clients. It gives an uncomplicated, easy-to-use platform that enables you to track the time easily and transform billable hours into professional invoices. It also offers the facility to log expenses, take snapshots and retain receipts, generates reports and link the app to Google Apps, Salesforce, Basecamp and more than fifty other business based applications.


If you require customized online accounting software for your freelance or other types of small businesses, then Hiveage is a way to go software. Unlike any other traditional accounting platforms, it lets you choose and select features according to your requirements. It helps you to pick attributes as per your plan, so you only get to make payment for what you need and whenever you need it. The free of cost plan provides unlimited clients and unlimited invoices, and additional features will cost anywhere between $1.95 and $4.95 per add-on.


If you envisage expanding your business in the near future, then Intacct is one such online accounting software that guarantees to hold on for a longer run. It is advanced, cloud-based online accounting software that is solely al about business finances and assists in your business to grow even more. It offers the facility to generate several types of reports, so that you can comprehensively analyze and scrutinize your business from a financial perspective, including profit margins, losses incurred, income earned, revenue segments – for example, total revenue, revenue by business and revenue histories and several others.