Online Fax services include fax servers, installed on LAN. These LAN connects one computer with the other one. The main role of these sites is to receive and send fax messages. Some of the best part of these online fax services is that:-

  • Users can receive and send faxes’ only by sitting at their place
  • Solves the Fax server problems
  • Printed faxes are more reliable in nature as compared to paper faxes
  • Faxes can be handled electronically by anyone in an organization
  • Faxing transactions are easily monitored and controlled by an organization
  • Automatic Fax transactions without the help from the user side
  • Cost effective in nature
  • Free trial after registration
  • Customers can come across with different user interface for incoming and outgoing faxes
  • It is easy to use, simply you have to log in and start your work
  • Users can fax any type of printed documents
  • Uploaded System files for further transaction of transmission
  • Simple to send as only user has to click the send option and the file can easily be faxed to different locations instructed by the user.

Thus, These are the main benefits which the users get after registration on these online fax services site. Clients will come across with different sites and different trail period. They can choose the best online fax services according to their needs and demand. You can simply use these sites after registration. Nominal amount you have to pay for using them. Clients can also install their application on their phone so that they can take their services from any time and anywhere.

Best Online Fax Services

There are some sites which help the customers to use Online Fax Services. They help an individual along with small businessmen to conduct their services online where they can easily get an opportunity of sending and receiving fax.

8 Best Online Fax Services to Send/Receive Fax:

  1. Smart fax:

smart fax

This online fax service is for small business which is engaged in sending and receiving faxes in all over the country through their email id. Customers can go free trial for 30 days. New customers are having the best option to sign up free where they can send and receive 250 fax pages.

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  1. E-fax:


This online fax service will help the users to send and receive faxes worldwide. They have free fax numbers in large quantity and in 3500 states. It provides its services to more than 11 million customers. In this user will not require any fax machine. With the help of this site, You can send singe mail to many recipients.

  1. Ring central:

ring central

This fax site is also for small business which helps the clients in sending and receiving faxes through their mail id. A Person can also use this site through their phone or PC. Once the client registers in this site, they are provided with free fax numbers through which they send or receive their documents.

  1. My fax:

my fax

One of the best online fax service site for sending and receiving faxes through mail and other documents via phone or PC. Clients can send the fax by email by creating their account in Gmail, hotmail and yahoo.

  1. Rapid fax:

Rapid fax

This site is also one of the best online fax services site which can help the person living in homes, businessmen or company professionals. When the client sign up they are provided with Toll free number where they can easily send and receive fax documents throughout globally.

  1. Nextiva:


This site is best for individuals along with small businessmen to send and receive fax documents through mail id. This site also integrates with Microsoft office where people can directly send their fax through their word documents along with outlooks. Clients can move for this service on trial basis where they can send and receive more than 400 pages worldwide.

  1. Pop fax:

Pop fax

This online fax service is also best for the individuals as well as for the medium sized business. This site has an app which can easily install on your smart phone according to person usage. With the help of your fax number you can able to send faxes to more than 1000 destinations.

  1. Send2fax:


This site is best as anyone can easily edit, send and receive faxes from any part of the country.  The client can take the free trial period without any registration or software download, where person can take the opportunity of sending and receiving fax online.