The web based software system helps us to send large emails in the easiest way. We just need to upload the purchase lists and there is no such procedure where we need to download anything. We can just login in our account from anywhere we want and send the bulk emails. The software system will be provided to us by the email verifier company. These software’s are 100% genuine and the software follows all the laws of the CAN-SPAM. The account, since we can send the bulk of emails can be activated within 24 hours. We can update the email lists, purchasing from other companies in this software as well. This software works 24 hours and we can update our emails any time. The price depends on the number of emails we send.

For about 100,000 emails we have a fix price and if we send unlimited emails it will cost slightly on a higher side. As we can open the account we can also set up the software as provided by the email verifier company. So we hope that our marketing campaigning will be a success when we open account with such companies. Our marketing review and strategy will always be in the limelight and many customers can see it. There are so many experts in this verifier company which gives us the suggestion how to run our own business and within how much time we can make money.

In other words, we can say that these companies encourage us if we are new to the market and can definitely be a successful businessman. The plus point with these software is that we can rotate the IP addresses. There is no worry regarding the web hosting and we can purchase as many IPs we want. The IPs are cheap and are available to us whenever we want. Here in this content we will try to find out the top 21 Services That Allow You to Send Large Files For Free.

Send Large Files For Free

15+ Services That Allow You to Send Large Files For Free:


Jumpshare enables you to send large file that is up to 250MB. You have to register an account with them.

Securely Send:

For large files such as 200 MB this is the one that you need to look for.


This is another very popular online service that helps you to send files that are large securely.


Kicksend is very much popular among the people because it is very simple to use and quite effective.


YouSendIt is a very popular service that helps you to send large files. There is 2GB storage for the users.


You can easily transfer about 2 GB files in this one.


For large files that are about 100 MB this is the one tool that you can trust.


This one is very easy to use. You can just drag and drop your files to send it.


With this one you can easily send about 300MB per file.


You can send files up to 1GB and that too quite fast.


Once you register you get a free account that you can use to send a maximum size of 2GB files.

Files to Friends:

As the name suggests, Files to Friends is the one tool that allows you to send large files to your friend and family.


On this one there is a drop zone where you need to drag the file and send it.


This one is a free text sending tool that is quite popular among the people.


With the help of this tool you can split large files and then send it.

Per file you can send about 25 MB file in one go.

Rapid share:

With Rapid share you can send about 200 MB files. helps you to send about 100 MB files in one go.

File dropper:

This is another popular one in the business that enables you to send large files.


Wikisend is a very popular tool in the business that has been quite successful among the users.


One of the finest tools that enable you to send files, those are very large. So get the best one for your need.