Live chat software are more in demand for online business. Your online business/E-commerce store needs a way to get in touch with your customer. People have accepted the idea of speaking and want to find out quick solution about their products. The Owner of every website always looks for greater customizability and innovative features in live chat software for easy and straightforward chat. The benefits of live chat software includes Instant Feedback, saving money, explore your business and long-term customer relationships. Do you want live chat software for your own website? Here we have listed out a closer look at popular 6 live chat software as below for you.

Live Chat Software

Take a look and choose which one is better for you?

Top 6 Live Chat Software for Websites:

  1. LiveHelpNow

Here we have listed out a closer look at popular 6 live chat software as below for you.

One of best live chat software is LiveHelpNow. It is suitable for small/medium business and beginners. It allows to give instant help and to solve customer’s product issue. LiveHelpNow has a feature of mobile chat request. This option will alert you via text or email that a customer has a query/problem. Instantly, you can open a chat window on your cellphone. It has great and easy to use features.

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  1. Kayako

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Kayako is simple customer service software which makes easy to deliver online customer support. it is one of best live chat software which has earned customer’s trust and gaining popularity in the technology market. It has exciting and very easy to use features. It helps you to provide easily support to your customers. A great feature, it enables a notification to view where people are coming from and which website is referring new customers to you.

  1. WhosOn

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Most of live chat software has a lot of similarities. The one of different live chat software is WhosOn.  WhosOn is simple and has essential features to take it to the next level. It helps you to give instant solution to your customer.  It also support to video chatting and real-time text translation. The real-time translation allows you and customer to chat to each other in different languages. It can translate over 45 languages. This Real time translation feature of WhosOn is an optional premium.

  1. Userlike

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Userlike live chat is one of thousands live chat software. It support to many devices such as desktop, smartphones, tablet and many more. Userlike will help you to track the location of your customer. It is most popular among online sellers, online shops and online services provider. It works great for all online businesses.

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  1. LivePerson

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LivePerson is oldest, affordable and still popular live chat software.  This software is one of the most popular choices of enterprises live chat. It is only suitable for large websites or large enterprises. It has a full suite of analytical tools.  The idea behind LivePerson is to translate more sales, higher conversions and customer support.  It is an easy to keep things organized with liveperson live chat software.

  1. Tagove

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Tagove is unique live chat software for online businesses. It boost to your sale with live video, call and text chat on your website.  It has great features such as co-browsing and screen sharing.  You can do Live video chat with screen sharing feature to demonstrate the solution.

Tagove offers the feature of live call recording to judge your customer or for feedback. You and your customer can share any types of file via live chat window.