In these days, Linux and Unix are popular for web developers and designers. HTML editor is the fast and easy to editor use with different components and features.  Currently, there are a lot of popular free HTML editors in for Linux/Unix. If you are looking for free html editors, first of all scan the flexibility and features of particular Editor. Find the best editor for yourself from the following list that we have assembled with a lot of features and link.  All these editors support to latest web- technologies.

8 Free HTML Editors for Linux/UNIX

8 Free HTML Editors for Linux/UNIX : –

Checkout the list of top 8 Free Html editors and choose a best one for you.

  1. Komodo Edit: –

Komodo Edit is the one of best free HTML editors for Linux/Unix. It includes the great features of HTML and CSS development. It offers you to add extensions for it and other helpful feature like special character. Komodo edit is best suitable for small business, beginner of development & designer. To get more features or information browse the link.

  1. Screem : –

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Screem is an excellent choice of web developer. It includes the wizards and tags. Screem is considered under the versatile free HTML editors for Linux/Unix. Features of Screem are as following:-

  • HTML and XML validator
  • Page preview & Color coding
  • Save page as HTML with DTD
  • FTP or Site manager
  • FTPs or Secure FTP
  • Search and replace
  • Tag completion and many more
  1. Bluefish: –

Bluefish is powerful and demanded editor among the programmer and developers. It is one of multipurpose and Multilanguage free Html editors for linux/unix. Some great and cool features of bluefish are: –

  • Highlighting and auto-completion
  • Spell checker
  • Multiple document support & project management support
  • Search and replace
  • Code folding, navigation and bookmark
  • Upload/download functionality
  • Support to multiple encoding & zencoding and many  more
  1. Eclipse: –

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Eclipse support to Cross-platform and multiple language feature. It has a lot of feature but a little complicated for beginners. You can convert web application into mobile application with the help of Eclipse. Browse the more features by clicking on highlighted link.

  1. Tiny mce: –

Tiny mce is well known for tiny Moxiecode content editor. It is an independent- platform of free HTML Editors for Linux/Unix.  Check out the great features by simply clicking on Tiny mce link.

  1. Light table: –

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Light table is one of open source and free HTML editors for Linux/Unix. It is a lightweight, easy to install software to do efficiently and fast work. Checks out the great features of light table: –

  • Auto-completion and inline evaluation
  • Split views & instant feedback
  • A command palette and fuzzy finder
  • Beautiful theme collection
  1. Amaya: –

Amaya has a feature to create and update a document directly on web. It support to tree structure for your documents. It has a lot of features with W3C standard. Amaya is also an open source and free HTML editors like lightable. Cool and other standard features are as following: –

  • Accessibility validator
  • Mobile device preview
  • Mobile scripts, functions and links
  • Create mobile web applications
  • Write HTML 5 documents & Tag completion
  • FTP or Site manage
  • Free scripts & wizard
  • Photo gallery builder
  • Ecommerce tools and many other.
  1. Brackets: –

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Brackets is one of powerful, lightweight modern and free HTML Editors. It has awesome features such as multiple selection editing, color picker and many other great features. It is best suitable for web design and development.