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4 Open Source Alternative Web Browsers for Linux

Web browsers have become quite an important application in the present time. They are not just important; in fact, they have become the necessity of life. People cannot live without internet and in order to access the internet, they need to have a Web browser. Some of

8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

One of the major ways of determining the success or failure of a business is through the analysis of available data. Analysis of data is also very important in order to make effective decisions for business. However, business data is very huge in quantity and it is

8 Best Data Recovery Tools For Linux

It does not really matter whether you have a computer or laptop for professional or personal use, protecting the data in it is always the priority of the system user. People are always advised to maintain a backup of all their important documents and files so that

10 Open Source Mobile Development Tools

With wide range of options, large and medium development companies are growing in mobile world to offer mobile applications. Each tool/platform is unique. Also, each has different features, capabilities, advantages, drawbacks and behavior. In this age and day, every one is now familiar to open source mobile

7 Awesome Open Source Cloud Storage for Your Privacy and Security

As you know, this is the era of Cloud storage. Cloud storage word defines itself very clearly. You can store your data across multiple servers. Nowadays, Cloud storage software is used almost by each and every company (Small scale organization to large).  Everyone wants to keep data

7 Top Open Source IP Address Management Software

IP address management software is tool for keeping track of what is on your network, how it configured and when it changes.  If you are admin in an organization then you should use open source IP Address management software tools to hold a pool of IP addresses,

8 Free HTML Editors for Linux/UNIX

In these days, Linux and Unix are popular for web developers and designers. HTML editor is the fast and easy to editor use with different components and features.  Currently, there are a lot of popular free HTML editors in for Linux/Unix. If you are looking for free

5 Awesome Open Source Backup Software for Linux and UNIX like Systems

Backup software is always important for personal computers or servers to prevent permanent data loss. Backup tools or softwares are important especially for System Administrators, who work with large amount of data. Searching for Backup software especially for Linux and UNIX systems? Good backup software has the

Top 10 Open Source Web Based Project Management Software

The open source term refers to the source code that can be opened and accessible for public to modify, improved and shared it version. The Open Source Web Project Management Software is ease for your small business. It allows you to modify, improve, and examine the source

5 Awesome Open Source Cloning Software

Cloning is the process of copying and paste data from hard disk to another location. Disk cloning is useful for full system backup, system recovery, rebooting and to convert a physical server to virtual. It is not possible to copy hidden files or in-use files. To over