Web browsers have become quite an important application in the present time. They are not just important; in fact, they have become the necessity of life. People cannot live without internet and in order to access the internet, they need to have a Web browser. Some of the major web browsers that are dominating the market are Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. However, these are not the only web browsers existing in the world. There are several other alternative web browsers that are full features and functionalities that are both interesting as well as unique.

Web browsers are meant to be used on all types of operating systems including Linux. Linux is an open source operating system with lots of features. It is one of the widely used operating systems in the world today. While working on open source operating system, why not try an open source web browser. Listed below are four open source alternative web browsers for Linux operating system. Try all of these web browsers and decide which of these web browsers suits your requirements the most. While using open source applications and software you know that you have large community to help you in whenever you are stuck.

4 Open Source Alternative Web Browsers for Linux

4 Open Source Alternative Web Browsers for Linux:

Dooscope is an amazing web browser that is very much different from other existing browsers in terms of look, appearance as well as features. Unique interface is the forte of Dooscape. Out of the many interesting features of this open source web browser, there are two features that everyone must definitely know. First must know interesting feature of Dooscape is its ability to take screenshots and the next interesting feature is that it has a lock mode.

This is a widely known web browser and this is where the famous Google Chrome gets its source code from. This open source web browser is available not just for Linux but other operating systems as well. The code for Chromium is written mostly in C++ and in order to make it lightweight as well as fast, minimalistic interface is used in its designing. Some of the amazing features of this open source web browser are support for Vorbis, tabbed window manager, session management etc. Apart from this, Chromium is a base for not just Chrome but several other web browsers as well and many of these web browsers are still running effectively.

This is another open source alternative web browser for Linux that is developed in Vala and C along with Webkit engine and GTK+3 and GTK+2 interface. The list of features provided by Midori is support of HTML5, private browsing, speed dial, bookmark management, easy integration of extensions and many more.

This is light weight open source web browser that is capable of running on multiple platforms. QuipZilla was initially started has a research project but now it has gained huge popularity because of its interesting features. It has all the features that are expected in a modern day browser such as speed dial, bookmark management, built in add lock feature etc. Performance optimization with memory consumption is quite lower in QuipZilla as compared to some of the most popular web browsers.

There are lot of web browsers with lots of interesting features. You just have to find them and use them. There is no harm in trying out a new web browser for personal or business purpose if they have all the required features. So try out any of the open source web browser for Linux listed above and enjoy unique features provided by them.