As you know, this is the era of Cloud storage. Cloud storage word defines itself very clearly. You can store your data across multiple servers. Nowadays, Cloud storage software is used almost by each and every company (Small scale organization to large).  Everyone wants to keep data available and accessible 24 hours. You can use your data anywhere via desktop or smart systems. Top open Source Cloud Storage are Drop box, Google, Rack space and other cloud storage for keeping your data safe & secure.  You are on right and informative platform. Scroll down, here we have compile a list of 7 awesome and best open source cloud storage for your secure data.

7 Awesome Open Source Cloud Storage for Your Privacy and Security

7 Awesome Open Source Cloud Storage for Your Privacy and Security:

Drop Box:-

open source cloud storage

DropBox is one of very easy to use and awesome open source cloud storage. DropBox is widely used by everyone. The design of DropBox is very simple, attractive and easy to understand.  User friendliness, Freemium, integration and cross platform are strengths of Drop Box.  To enjoy the features of DropBox Such as save, access and share just download now & create your account.

NAS4 Free:-

NAS4 Free is stands for network attached storage. The name itself defines it is absolutely free. NAS4Free support to multiple Operating Systems in short it is cross platform application.  It includes the features of ZFS, disk encryption with protocols such as: Samba, CARP, Bridge and FTP.


open source cloud storage

Owncloud is just like DropBox. It is also one of awesome open source cloud storage software. Its open source storage offers you to access unlimited amount of storage.  It works on all systems such as windows, Linux, Android and IOS. it includes a large number of features such as: file storage & encryption, Music Streaming, Mozilla sync hosting, one-click app installation, Video and PDF viewer and many more.


Git-annex is open source cloud storage software released in October 2010. The aim of Git-annex is to solve file sharing and synchronization problems. It is available for all smart systems such as Linux, Android, OS, Windows and many more.  The great feature of Git-annex, it ensures the duplicacy of file and recover it case of lost or damage file.


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Cozy is not a file sharing software. It is awesome open source cloud storage software which is  packed with stunning features and functions. Cozy is very flexibile to its user in terms of storage space. It is available for all platforms including smartphones, so it has feature of cross platform.

Main and primary features of cozy includes; ability to store all the Contacts, Files, Calendar, etc in the Cloud and sync them between laptop & smartphone, it offers user to create own apps.


Syncany is not only lightweight file sharing application. It is one of best and free open source cloud storage software for secure digital data. Syncany is console based system but now available for all platforms. GUI version is under development.


open source cloud storage

Yandex.disk is one of awesome open source cloud storage software which was launched in April 2012. It has great feature of cross platforms. Other various and awesome features of Yandek.disk are sharing of files, sync of files between different devices of same user, unlimited storage and many more.