One of the major ways of determining the success or failure of a business is through the analysis of available data. Analysis of data is also very important in order to make effective decisions for business. However, business data is very huge in quantity and it is not really possible to analyse such a quantity of data on your own. This is where there are certain tools have been developed that can help you in the analysis of your business data and those tools are known as business intelligence tools.

Although there are a lot of business intelligence tools but the tools that are gaining increasing popularity in the business world are the open source tools. This is because open source tools have a huge community of developers as well as users who are there to help anybody who faces problem while using the tools. The open source business intelligence tools can make your daily routine tasks very easy and understandable. The extraction of necessary information business data becomes a lot easier with these tools. There are a lot of open source business intelligence tools and some of these best tools are listed below.

8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools

8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools:

  • BIRT: This open source business intelligence tool is a part of an eclipse project which is also open source. BIRT has several important components like chart designer, viewer, chart engine, report designer and BIRT runtime that make this tool simply the best. With this tool, it is possible for you to develop as well as publish reports as a standalone solution.
  • ReportServer: This open source business intelligence tools has some amazing features like graphic reports, team spaces, report management, user management, reports variances, interactive dashboard etc. that makes the process of data analysis very easy. One of the best things about Report Server is that it integrates the best reporting engines available that are available in the market. Thus, you have the option of choosing the best reporting engine as per your needs.
  • Jedox Base: This is undoubtedly one of the best intelligence tools as it provides OLAP server as well as free excel client. Moreover, there are a lot of ways to extend this application.
  • Rapidminer: Rapid miner is another excellent open source business intelligence tool which by the way is a code free analytics program. Since the need to write code is eliminated, this business intelligence tool can help you in speeding up your delivery. This tool also facilitates easy designing of your data analysis routine and that too visually.
  • Spagobi: The advanced data visualization features as well as a large number of analytical functions makes Spagobi one of the best open source business intelligence tools available in the market. This tool works on two conceptual models which are analytical model and behavioural model. Spagobi also has the ability to work several different functions like import, export, scheduler, user profile system, graphical interfaces etc.
  • Openi: For executing business projects within small budgets Openi is a great choice. This business intelligence tool is basically about monetizing the data. The reason Openi is considered to be one of the best open source business intelligence tool is because it allows you to do your work in both quickest as well as economical way.
  • Jasper Report: This business intelligence tool is made of comprises of Jasper report library, Jasper report server, Jasper report studio and several other components. Pixel perfect approach is followed by Jasper Report in order to view as well as print its reports.
  • Pentaho: This business intelligence tool is a complete package as it covers everything from ganut to data mining. Pentaho comprises of a lot rich features that can be used very easily by the business organizations.