It does not really matter whether you have a computer or laptop for professional or personal use, protecting the data in it is always the priority of the system user. People are always advised to maintain a backup of all their important documents and files so that when the system fails, their work does not suffer. However, data backup is often done in a brief interval of time instead of daily. There are chances that a system may crash during this brief interval and all your data gets lost. This can create a lot of problem but thanks to various data recovery tool that allows you to recover all your data from the hard disk of the computer or laptop in which you were working.

Data recovery tools are not only available for Windows operating system but they are available for Linux operating system as well. So, if you use Linux more than any other operating system then you do not really have to worry about data loss because of system failure. There is several data recovery tools designed for Linux operating system and 8 of these data recovery tools are listed below.

8 Best Data Recovery Tools For Linux

8 Best Data Recovery Tools For Linux:

Ddrescue: If your disk often gets corrupted or damaged then you must definitely keep this data recovery tool handy. Ddrescue is said to be very helpful in recovering files and documents from damaged and corrupted disks. While using this recovery tool, you do not have to worry about stopping the program, reading the log, waiting for an error etc. as its basic operation is fully automatic.

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F-Secure Rescue CD: This tool for data recovery is based on a derivative of Linux which is known as Knnopix derivative that helps users to check the integrity of applications already installed on the system and allows to run the software directly from the CD. F-secure Rescue CD allows you to perform advanced data recovery operation with ease. Moreover, this tool also has the capability to recover your system from malware infections.

Trinity Rescue Kit: It is a free data recovery tool for Linux that is designed with the purpose or recovering and restoring the damaged and lost files. Trinity Rescue Kit is an easy to use tool with simple scrollable menu. You can perform a password reset, disk clean-up as well as virus scanning very easily in the Linux operating system with this data recovery tool for Linux.

Gparted Live: This data recovery tools supports an array of file systems and therefore can be used for recovering damaged partitions.

Test Disk: It is also a free data recovery tool licensed under GNU. Apart from data recovery, Test Disk can help you on fixing partition tables, fixing FAT, rebuilding NTFS boot sector as well as recovering deleted partitions. You can even be used for recovering NTFS boot sector from its backup. Test kit can be used easily by even those who only have a little knowledge of data recovery.

Stellar: Stellar has the ability to recover data that is lost because of system failure or got deleted accidently. It is even possible to recover the formatted data with this software. Stellar can recover data from various different file systems of Linux and can recover all your files, directories and hard volume. Most, importantly it is very easy to use because of its friendly interface.

System Rescue CD: This data recovery software helps it users to recover all the data after the system crash. System Rescue CD has several tools that capable of handling different tasks file recovery, disk formatting etc.

R-Studio: Because of customisable settings and flexible parameters, R-studio allows users to have full control of tasks related to data recovery.