Resumes are very important. How many times it has happened that we go through a magazine probably while waiting at any clinic or office, we turn through the pages and flip it over the table. In the same way your resumes can also be turned and discarded. Therefore, it is very important to add the points which are important. In an IT job resume people write many things and sometimes it gets discarded because the interviewer does not want many technical points. So, here’s few tips on writing a better resume.

write a better resume

10 Tips To Write A Better Resume For An IT Job


The resume must be completely professional because any kind of gimmick should not be added in the resume. Besides, this resume for IT professionals should be completely technical and business. Email address also which the professional is writing must contain the name of the candidate and no other funny name should be there. Sometimes the employer may simply disagree with the facts of the resume.


Target based is most important as employers want to see what the candidate can do for their industry and company. The resume must not be overcrowded with many details. And any kind of information which is not required must not be mentioned. For example, suppose you worked at a firm for 3 months, do not mention this as it may show inconsistency. This is unnecessary information.

Well written:

The resumes which are well written are most likely to be chosen. So make sure that you write your resume very nicely. The resume should be concise. The resume must not be overwritten with long pages. The words which must be used in the resume must be positive and enhanced words should be used. This may add extra enhancement to your resume. Words like hard working, ambitious, interested, reliable, achievable should be used and the day to day buzz words should be avoided.


Remember the resume that you’re making should be self promoting as it is you and you are promoting yourself. It is always better to mention about your skills, achievements and abilities. The employer must at all cost know about your skills and other abilities. The resume should focus on what you can offer rather than expecting what the business or job offers. Skills which are related to the job are very important to take a note of. The skills should be related to the job and also stand out. Your employer should at all cost read the resume.


Whenever you give resume makes sure that all approaches fit in the resume and more importantly the job for which you are going. Many IT professionals make a mistake; they do not modify their resume. Every job is different. Even in IT sector, there are many kinds of different job, so if you keep giving the same resume it shall not work. It is very important that you change the resume as per the requirements of the job. So that when the hiring manager sees the resume he knows that you are very serious about the job. Mention the skills and other changes which is related to the current job for which you are applying.


Remember to keep your resume short and quality oriented. Quality is more important than quantity. So, always keep proper facts in the resume and avoid stories and histories of past job. Irrelevant information’s and words, and other details shall make your resume worse.

Simple Fonts:

The fonts which should be used should be very simple and no fancy fonts should be used. Please do not display any kind of artistic resume. It can become hard for reading and understanding.


Please remember while writing your resume that you through check the spellings, punctuations, and other grammatical errors. Basic spelling mistakes and grammatical errors can land your resume in discarded box. No matter it is technical, but take care of grammar.


Please make sure that your resume is consistent with proper facts and it is written in order. Many IT professionals make a hotchpotch in their resume and include and mix everything from their training to their jobs and internships etc. which should be avoided at all cost. The resume should be completely juxtaposed and in proper logical and ordered form. The hiring manager should find it easy to read your resume. The margins and fonts and line spacing should be accurate and consistent. And you can also ‘bold’ your skills and abilities. Different font styles can also be used.


It is always advisable not to talk or either mentions anything about your salary expectations in the resume. Many people make a mistake and they mention about their expectations, which is wrong. You must not begin anything about it unless asked.