Looking to make some changes in the video or you just don’t like some part of the video. Don’t worry you are at the right place, Video Editing software allows you to edit your videos on the go. Videos editing is no longer a tough task, you just need to have some knowledge that which part you want to edit or remove from video and with the help of these video editing software you can do it within few clicks. There is a lot of video editing software available for windows that allows you to edit videos very easily.

Video Editing Software

19 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows:


It is in fact a very powerful video editing tool that has all the capabilities to make a real movie.

Mewa Film:

It is an amazing software for editing videos. You can perform various actions like cut and paste, drag and drop, rubber band selection etc. for video editing.

Windows Movie Maker:

It has all the essential features that are required to edit the video efficiently. Since this software comes free with the genuine version of Windows, it is probably best choice of free software for video editing.


It can process a large number of files and can also be extended with video filters from third parties. It is a good choice of software for AVI files.

AVITricks Video Editor:

It is a non-linear as well as non-destructive video editor that allows you to have a real time preview. As the name suggests, it is for AVI video files that can be cut and joined easily. A lot of built-in effects can also be applied either separately or in combination on the videos being edited.

T@b ZS4 Video Editor:

It is also an amazing free video editing software that allows you to combine files of different types like images, videos and audio into a single output file.


It is not actually a software but just a graphical user interface that allows you to edit movie files by using some fine programs. Movica can be used to edit videos of various different formats like .flv, .wmv etc.

Cinex Jahshaka:

This is actually a tool that allows you to perform a lot of actions like palyback, editing, animation, visual effects and encoding.


This is a simple video editing software that will allow you to do simple video editing tasks like cutting, encoding and filtering. Various files types are supported by this software.


This is one of the powerful video editing as well as video creation tool that allows you to edit your existing videos, add sound and special effects as well as create 3D graphics and do a lot other things.

AVI Trimmer:

It is a great software for fast as well as lossless editing of AVI files. This is a small, smart and easy to use software that does not involve any encoding and decoding process.


This video editing software can perform the basic editing of video quite easily. It is in fact better than a lot of other free editing software.


This is another free video editing software that can edit both video and audio files. It can even convert both audio and video files in different formats so that it can run on different devices.

StoryBoard Pro Software:

It is a very useful video software for home video makers who have to create a video with titles, description and other effects.


This small in size software provides infinite power for editing AVI videos.

Zwei-Stein Video Editor:

It is non-linear as well non-destructive video editing software that has lot of brilliant features that other software lack.

Pinnacle Studio:

This another great software that can be used edit videos, sync audio with video and perform other video editing actions.

Free Video Editor:

This video editor allows you to edit and create video files of any complexity.


It is also a great video editing software that comprises of a lot of flexible video composting and high performance features.