Now days, to prepare for income tax return should not be hassle for you as there are many amazing online software’s available that promises to offer the best tax preparation solution. All you need is the necessary documents to fill up the information in the program and in no time your tax filing will be done. Such software’s are designed to help you utilize your time at reasonable price. It helps you meet your certain financial situation and submit the financial details of the year to income tax department on the right time. In olden days, there were traditional methods being used like Form 1040 to be filled up, IRS documents to be served and original details to be submitted. This was certainly time taking process. But with new Income tax e-filing software’s, now you can easily do the taxes and store the same to use it for other time.

Income Tax e-filing software’s makes it convenient and easy for you to file the returns in no time. You simply have to upload the necessary documents, fill up the information and submit it. The process of using such software is quite easy. Besides, if you come across any problem, there is a team around to help you for the necessary guidance at every step. These softwares hold legal importance and are acceptable by the tax department. Such software can help you with services such as tax returns generation, computation, tax returns, filing procedures, preparing balance sheet, and other functions that are related to filing and submitting process. Listed are the best income tax E-Filing software that you might want to try.

Income tax

12 Best Income Tax E-Filing Software:


You simply have to fill up the basic information stepwise. The details that you need to have along with you while filing up the forms are investment, salary, form 16, and home rent. Once the details are provided, the software will calculate everything together and help you file the returns. The software does not share information with the third party and the filing is done with complete security.


This is an official portal of the Income Tax Department which has been designed with an objective to offer the individuals with solo access to the services and information that is shared by the government for stakeholders and citizens. It offers services such as File Rectification, Income Tax Returns, and Legal Heir to name a few.


This is another best platform that offers all services and features that makes the filing process simpler and easier for you. The filing process does not take such time and can be done at the most reasonable price.


The software is designed by the experts who hold years of experience under great security. This software is extremely easy to use and will ask you only the questions that are associated with filing returns. The best part is it offers the guarantee of audit supports.


This is popular software that has unique e-filing tool and single window computation. It also features 3CD utility and helps to accomplish the task at great pace.


This software offers the best reliable and high quality e-filing and Tax calculation solution. So far, it has been catering to more than 20000 customers that offer the right of coverage from SMEs to individuals as well.


This is popular yet reliable software that offers online preparation and filing services. It is secured, quick and offers simple e-filing solution while minimizing the interface of human and offers the individuals the precise information on current tax laws


This efficient software is best suited for freelancers, salaried individuals, and small business shareholders. It is currently the fastest growing solution that offers-filing of Income Tax returns in simple manner.

Jackson Hewitt:

This online tax preparation service offers high end solution at the affordable rates. In case, you get stuck up at any point of time, the support team will definitely help you find the solution.


It offers the best filing returns at a great deal. You can also upgrade to another level to avail more benefits of the software.

H&R Block:

H&R Block is one of the trusted software solutions that has been serving the individual for more than 10 years. The software offers quick results along with efficient customer service.


It is another popular platform that has been used by many small scale business and freelancers to file the tax returns. You only have to upload necessary details and e filing process will be done in less than 5 minutes.

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