To have good content on your website it is very important with the rising of the online marketing. It has become very necessary to have some good and creative contents in your online portals and online magazines. Without which the online contents fades away and makes it look very boring. Whenever the visitors visit the site, whether for whatever purpose the most important is to have content which makes sense to the people who are visiting your web portals and online market. For anything to turn into sales a good content is very essential when the visitor visits the online market.

Creating a useful content for the e-commerce business solutions is very pivotal with proper description of the products and name of the products. The product details must be apt and feasible. Even a person who is very experienced, perfect and done a quite well research needs the help in creating some good content. Making a good content with attractive lines and words is not easy. It needs experience and knowledge as to which content would suit the best. It requires good command over English and vocabulary, good grammar and use of good words and quotes which are worthy and useful. Here’s A List Of 8 Tools which can Boost Productivity Of Content Creators.

Productivity of Content Creators

8 Tools to Boost Productivity of Content Creators


It is very important to check the spellings of the website content. Respell is a tool which helps in checking the spellings of the content and it can be used on online pages and many other online feeds. This tool is easier to use as compared to the bulky software. And this tool is a web based service.

Online Correction tool

Online correction is a free online checking of grammar and other common sorts of errors. With the help of this tool you can check the grammatical errors which occur in the contents and online pages. This tool is easy to use and you don’t need to sign in or register for checking the errors. Just visit the link and enter the details in the box and click on the check button.

Word count tool

Another important tool is word counting which enables you to count the words and the number of words which is used in the online content. No creation of additional accounts is needed for the tool. Simply click on the link and enter the details of the online contents.


Copyscape is another brilliant tool which helps in determining contents which are duplicate contents or contents which are copied. It is also used to check plagiarism. There is no need for nay kind of registration or entry of details just goes in the site link and enters the details of the content.

Stay focused

It is another great tool which helps in avoiding unnecessary surfing on websites. This tool is a Google chrome based application. In this the user will have to keep certain websites link address that the user would not want to surf and set a timer. This tool helps in staying focused while working online.

Last pass

This tool is very useful for writers. They can use these tools for further research and study on any content and topic. This tool is a secure way of browsing through the internet and the username and password is also safe.


This tool is also very helpful as this helps the users to connect successfully with any social networking sites and the writers can also share their post and blogs in accounts like face book and twitter.

Paper rater

This tool is also very helpful as it helps the users to by defining the quality of the content and the matter towards the audience. This tool also gives necessary tips and proposals on changing the content.