Cloud storage is a latest and worldwide used virtual memory space technology to solve the issue of physical storage devices limitations. Some companies are providing cloud storage services for free while others are charging a certain amount of money. The online storage facility provided by Apple Company in the form of icloud drive is a great service for its customers. But nothing is 100% reliable because it is also possible that your data will lose after uploading it on icloud drive. It happens due to many reasons such as any bug issue in the server or data deleted by user accidentally. Now you can restore deleted icloud drive files through some effective methods.

Storage and management of data is very important whether it is personal or official. Physical storage devices such as SD card or external hard drive are generally used to store every kind of documents and media files. If you are an apple product user then use icloud drive service in case there is not enough memory to store data. Now you can restore deleted icloud drive files in case of data loss caused due to any reason. In the below article, detailed procedure to recover lost data from icloud is mentioned:-

How to Restore Deleted iCloud Drive Files

How to Restore Deleted iCloud Drive Files:

You can recover deleted files of your apple device directly from icloud storage by following these steps:-

  • First of all go to the official website of icloud which is .

restore deleted Data-Recovery files


  • The login page will appear where you have to enter the valid user id and password.

restore deleted Data-Recovery files


  • After logging in to your account, it’s time to access the recovery settings of icloud.
  • Click on the settings option provided in icloud menu where you need to select the advanced section from the list.

restore deleted Data-Recovery files

  • Here you will find a complete list of data that can be restored such as:-
  • Files
  • Contacts
  • Bookmarks
  • Calendars and reminders.

restore deleted Data-Recovery files

  • Select the criteria that you want to restore by clicking on it and restoring menu will appear.

restore deleted Data-Recovery files

  • Click on the options provided in list and press done to recover the deleted data.

Instead of using the icloud service, you can also use some application software such as time machine and disk drill etc.