The internet which we use is through web browsers. But many times while using the web browser we don’t get a second thought about the various features of the web browsers. The most common form of web browsers which we use in the windows is Google chrome, internet explorer, opera, and Mozilla Firefox. We are only acquainted with the list of these many browsers. But in the online market there are many browsers which are available.

There are many people who like to play games while surfing on the internet and there are many people who like more combined form of socializing with people. There are many alternate web browsers for windows which have many additional features which can make life a whole lot better. So, People must know about this and start using or rather trying different sorts of web browsers which has many unique features.

Those alternate web browsers which have some unique features many people are not aware of it. The web browsers list comprises of the following kinds like alternative web browser are water fox, cyber fox, rock melt, Lunascape etc. So, here’s a list of some alternate web browsers for windows with some additional features which people would like to use and know.

11 Best Alternate Web Browsers for Windows

11 Best Alternate Web Browsers for Windows:

Dooble Browser:

This browser is one of the best alternative web browsers which were launched in the year 2009. It is a multi platform web browser with a secure privacy and usability which is very good. This browser can support third party plugins. The browser is available for windows computer, and another with Linux, free BSD and OS.

UC Browser:

This browser has a user friendly design. It is useful for people who have a habit of being more into social blogs. UC browser is available for mobile phones also and it can be used by moving from friend list, two different apps etc.

Coo won Browser:

This browser is also very useful as it is especially meant for those individuals who like to play games. It is Google chrome based. It offers the users with online gaming, performing tasks, controlling the speed of the game, gamepad support etc.

Black Hawk:

Black hawk browser is easy to use and offers cookie handling which is exceptional. The operating speed of the web browser comprises of chrome which is chrome based speed with the functions of Firefox.


It is also one of the best web browsers which allows the individual to chat online while browsing on the social networking sites. Chatting and browsing can be done together. It also offers animations, bookmarks, and free texting which are also available on mobile phone devices.

NetGroove Browser:

This is also another good browser which is very fast. It is also known for its lightness. The browser needs no installation and it can be directly used from a flash drive.

Epic Browser:

This browser is also very useful as it offers much stuff like films, songs, cricket score updates, etc. The languages can also be changed to Hindi. And there is a special no tracking system through which no one can track what you are browsing.

QT Web Browser:

This web browser comprises of an interface which is very unique with a combined feature like security, speed, and lightness.

Browzar Browser:

The browser is very useful for the applications of the banking system and cloud as this browser system is highly private. It has a security feature under which passwords, cookies; browsing history, etc. are not saved once the browser is closed. It cleans up everything that is previously stored.

Wyzo Browser:

This browser is also very good and is known as media browser. The individuals can now through this browser, download torrent. It has similar features to that of Mozilla browser.


This browser is very secure and is also known for its power. It is a very fast browser which saves time. The web forms can now be completed very quickly due to its features like form filing. Advertisements which need to be removed can now be removed through the pop ups which averts unnecessary ads.