If you own a business website then it is very important to have increased number of visitors each day. However, an enormous number of visitors is not just enough. Creating those visitors into customers is also very important. Even though you plan and design everything about your business and website carefully, not every visitor turns into your customer and when most of the visitors on your website leave without a trace, how are you supposed to know what they wanted.

When you own an actual shop, you can make out if your customer is unsatisfied and what they actually want through their expressions and behaviour. Observing your customer behaviour is difficult on the web but not with the analytics tool. The web analytics tool helps you to understand your visitors as well as identify from where they landed up on your website and what all links they clicked on upon arrival.

Analytics tools are important for tracking visitors on your website but something which is more important is to use the data gathered with the proper measures. There are a lot of analytics tools available on the internet and some of them are listed below.

web analytics tools

15 Best Web Analytics Tools to Track Your Website Traffic:

Google Analytics:

This probably one of the best analytics tools that is available for free. Although the free version of Google Analytics tool is suitable for most of the websites, there is a paid version that is meant for big business owners.


This tool often comes pre-installed by several web-hosting companies. It is said to be one of the best log analysersas it has the ability to monitor if someone is hot linking files from your website or not.

Site Meter:

It is a free tool available for web analytics that features custom counter styles. Site meter will create dynamic 3D chart that represents number of page views, number of visitors and time spent by those visitors on your website.


A large number of websites are already using Clicky not just for analysing and monitoring their website’s visitors but also for reacting to them in real time.


This is a free web analytics tool that works in synchrony with AWstats. It also produces informative graphs and a chart that helps you get a clear picture about the visitors and their activities on your website.


It is an open source web analytics tool that gives you a clear idea about the traffic on your website, marketing campaigns and much more.


This tool provides analytics information to its users but in the real time.

Yahoo Web Analytics:

It is a sophisticated web analytics tool that allows users to keep a track of traffic activity on their blogs and websites.


It will list all your visitors along with the browsers, referrals and the operating system used for viewing your website or blog.


Reinvigorate will help you to gain deep insight into your audience and then careful actions in order to meet their needs.


Etracker helps you in optimizing each and every angle of your website.


It is very easy to install this web analytics tool on a blog or website and once installed it will help you a keep a track of number of visitors on your website and also the place they belong to.


This web analytics tool can help you monitor human activity in your website or blog in the real time.


It is an extremely fast and portable web analytics tool that provides you an excellent overview of the activities on your website.


It will offer you the complete picture of your website that no other analytics tool is capable of providing.