P2P or Peer to Peer system of file sharing is a vital mode for enabling direct connection between users. While some of them are truly networked system, other comes with elements familiar to the structure of Client-server. This means that they constitute an element used in the original centralized Napster server system whereby clients get feeds from some central server. OpenNap and Napster are an example in the same. P2P sharing sites hence took over the role of Napster, but its service extended from simple sharing of music tracks. P2P is known for offering new artists with an opportunity to get their work viewed by the world without the need of making high investments in getting a CD or disk produced.

P2P software for file sharing is sourced mainly from Gnutella design which is further followed by most other companies offering similar service. The software configurations too look much similar. The only difference lies that some offer faster downloads while some lets you the download to be shared with those whom you are connected with. The greatest benefit of P2P computing is that you can use several computers for performing one task hence it reduces the time one needs to complete the same.

P2P File Sharing Softwares

This file sharing system is different from the original network of file trading as one is offered incentives for the purpose of uploading and sharing files. However you must keep in mind that all works available with P2P are copies of copyrighted contents like films and music. Hence only those holding an authorization offered by the copyright holder can use them at the fullest. For others, making use of them and downloading is subject to violation of legal considerations. But as mentioned earlier, these P2P softwares are of great benefit to the budding musicians and director as they allow saving over your cost of CD production.  So budding artists, all you need to do is get a P2P sharing software downloaded and installed and share your work with the world to get acclaimed. Here is a brief about few popular P2P file sharing softwares you will find helpful.

12 Best P2P File Sharing Softwares:


This is a safe and most used P2P program supported by Windows, Mac and Linux.

Lime Wire:

Built with Media player, it offers a sound search result as well as allows downloading from various hosts.


This P2P software comes with a new concept and supports various networks like EDonkey Network, Gnutella, Gnurella2 and Bittorrent. It also lets you download various files over HTTP and FTP.


A multi-language supportive P2P file sharing software, iMeshis a store house of more than 15 million videos and songs.


This is one of the great P2P software since its evolution and comes with features like virus scanner and automatic blocking infected files.

Bearshare Lite:

This P2p Software sharing site enjoys good user reach and supports multiple languages. It is also a great one for downloading MP3 files.


It is a GIFT P2P file sharing software enjoying a good client base. It is supportive of multiple networks to share files.


It is one of the most reliable and biggest P2P file sharing software site coming absolutely for free.

Ares Galaxy:

Though not as big as other P2P, but it is absolutely free from any spyware and viruses. It operates with Vista, Windows XP and 7.


It is a type of central server P2P file sharing software considered best for sharing of music files.


One of the oldest P2P software is used mostly for sharing video and audio files. Also the file shared with it needs to be within 2GB.


It is supported by several clients like Lime Wire, Shareaza, BearShare and others and it known for having the least number of infected files.


As the popularity of P2P file file sharing softwares are increasing, most of them come affected with viruses, malware, ad wares and spywares. The above mentioned P2P file sharing softwares are considered safe compared to the other.