Women’s safety is one of the major concerns in the country. Rapes, molestation, eve teasing and kidnapping are heinous crimes that are carried out against women even in the broad day light. Because of the increasing crime rate against women, women are scared to step out of their homes. In a world, where women are at par with men in the professional line, young girls and women are made to sit at home because their family members are too scared to let them be out in the world which is full of crimes against women which is not fair at all They should be allowed to go to schools, colleges, tuitions, offices and wherever else they want to go without any fear. For such women who want to be independent and create their own identity in the world, various safety apps have been launched.

Mobile phones are one of the most commonly used devices and can be used as a safety device for women. At the time of emergency, there is no time to call your friends or relatives as your phone will be snatched from you. So, download some of the safety apps listed below in your mobile phone and let your saviour find you in time.

Safety Apps for Women

10 Useful Safety Apps for Women:

SOS-Stay Safe:

Just keeps this app running and you will not have to unlock your phone at the time of emergency. Just shake it a few times or tap on your home screen and an alert message along with your geographical location will be sent to your emergency contact.


This app allows you to check how safe an area is before going there. This safety app is actually a complete package with GPS tracking and alert message features. It also has directory that can be browsed for public emergency services.


This is another safety app that gets activated byshaking the phone or removing the headphones and an alert message will be sent to contacts that are predefined in the application.

iFollow-Ladies Safety, SOS:

This app gets activated when you shake your phone three times within 5 seconds and a call will be sent to your emergency contact. If the call is not received then a SMS with your geographical location will be sent to 3 pre-selected contacts.

EyeWatch Women:

Along with the alert message, EyeWatch Women also sends the audio and video from the surroundings and send it to the predefined contacts. This app is known for its high location accuracy as well as the ability to function without GPRS.


This is another safety app for women with real time interactive ability. You just have to press the power button of your phone twice and an alert message along with your location will be sent to your predefined contacts.

SpotnSave Feel Secure:

This safety app comes with a wrist band. At the time of emergency, you will have to press the power button twice in order to send an alert message with your location to the predefined contacts in every two minutes. However, if your phone is not accessible at that moment, then you press the power button on your wrist band twice and the app will function in the same way.

bSafe-Share Locations:

This app allows your dear ones to keep a track of you through live GPS trail.


This app sends your location information to your emergency contact from time to time. Pukar also dims the screen and activates the silent phone in order to avoid drawing attention.

Being Safe:

At the time of distress, an alert message will be sent to any number of predefined contacts as well to the other users who are in a certain range.