In our day to day life the workload of every person is increasing and it becomes difficult to handle all this kind of work. Every person loves to have easy task that can be completed easily and there should be no burden in the completion of the task. Managing productivity is not an easy task. In any work life, it is very important to have better team members and better team relationship which is not easy. The people who are at a managerial level in the office, it becomes tedious for them to handle their work, divide the work and distribute project responsibilities to the employees.

To guide a team and let them know what work they should do and suppose to do is a great task. It is not a sitting duck thing to handle and distribute the project responsibilities and other work amongst the employees. Every such manager or person in office would be happy to know is there is someone who can share the task and reduce the burden of the work. So, here are some best online task management tools, which shall help the person in some way in distributing the task. Here is the list of 10 best online task management tools from where you can choose the one which works for you.

10 Best Online Task Management Tools:



This tool is one of the most popular task management tools which are being used by many people. The features of this tool are it helps the persons in viewing the projects. It also helps in seeing the tools & files and how the work is distributed. It makes it possible for the people of different responsibilities, talk with each other and work on the shared project. It also helps the person in checking the due dates and the file can be shared. It offers a 60 day free trial, which is unlimited.



This is also one of the best online task management tools. The first plan of the tool is completely free and in the second plan the range is $99 per month. The tool is very good as it allows doing team work with task management. It includes assigning the work, emailing the work, creating networks and priorities etc.


Nirvana Online Task Management tools

Nirvana is another best task management tool which works better in a cloud based task management way. You can access this tool from your desktop as well as mobile phones. This tool helps in organizing the task through emails and other options are also available. The first plan is free and in the second plan the fee is $5 per month which is very reasonable.



This tool allows team work, different task creation, assigning of dates of the projects, due dates, prioritizing, organizing, etc., kinds of work can be done through this tool. The task can also be created through mobile devices. There is a free trial for 30 days, after which the subscription fee is $ 17.



This is another tool which helps the management of the work online very easily. The task can be managed on a daily basis. The tool is very friendly with options like middle, calendar, team information. So, you can enter the details and take care of the management of the work. Through this tool the shared task is also visible. The fee amounts from $10 to $580 per month


Toodledo online task management tools

It is a multi-functional task management tool which can increase the productivity. Notes can be stored in this and other details can be marked and out listed in the note pad. An alarm can be set via email. This tool is absolutely free.


This tool allows the users to glance at the work quickly, which includes all the projects. The projects can be navigated through easily and many other features can be set. The limit of the projects is five. The fee for the tool is from $12 to $149 per month



The fee for this tool is $24.99 to $249.99 per month, initially this tool is free. This tool allows the users to set individual responsibility. A different task like home, office, and work task can also be set in this tool.

Google tasks:

Google Tasks (by Google)

This tool helps the persons to see the task through Gmail and other sorts of task can also be created. It is absolutely free.

Smarty task:


This tool ranges from $9.99 per month. And the tool manages the task group basis, and the interface is also easy to set and handle. The tools help in managing dates, priorities, work, projects etc.