A home of applications and more – Android. Most of the peoples like Android smart phones that have been developing vastly. Over a couple of years, Brands are improving their Android services. In fact, people are moving to smart phones for better customer services or browsing the web than PC. Furthermore, it seems a little difficult to store or bookmark on webpage that you want to visit again. With a lot of integration to mobile applications and browser, bookmarks have gone forward with lots of changes to the web. Find something interesting to organised bookmarks in an effective manner with advanced features. Jump into the following list to grab from best useful apps to manage bookmarks on android device.

5 Useful Apps to Manage Bookmarks on Android:

  1. Powernote ( Diigo): –

apps to manage bookmarks

Powernote and Diigo, Both are working great on android smartphones. This application will allow you to share a webpage with Diigo account. Save the URL of wishing web page to your list to visit later. Browse the link to download it today.

  1. Pocket: –

apps to manage bookmarks

Pocket is one of useful apps to manage bookmarks on android phones. No matter, which kind of device you are using, whether it support to 32 GB or 16 GB, Pocket can run on any smart phone. Pocket is available on Chrome and Mozilla firefox. It supports to add tags feature on individual link to make easy to find later. You can categorize them to your favorite articles, tags, images, videos and more.

  1. Insta-fetch: –

apps to manage bookmarks

Insta-fetch is a standalone application which differs from other useful apps to manage bookmarks. It is easy to scan the list of favorite bookmarks as pictures, videos etc. Even you can save the content of webpage that you want to read later. Moreover, it support for text-to-speech technology.

  1. A bookmark manager- Linkenstein: –

apps to manage bookmarks

Linkenstein is another one of best useful apps to manage books on android handset. It allows you to choose your favorite sites and sort them in reverse or alphabetical order. Linkestein is a better option to open, edit, save or share for bunch of your choices. Browse the link to try this easiest way to manage bookmark list and to browse history.

  1. Delicious bookmark: –

apps to manage bookmarks

The Delicious bookmark is a great tool to manage bookmarks on android smart phones. While taking a look at its features, it keeps a track of visiting sites or URL.  This application will work in much better way than others for sure. Organize your text notes, video pages, image web pages or more with the help of Delicious bookmark.