Reading is a passionate hobby and billions of people are going to net for read something related to their filed. A lot of you prefer to PDF files and E-book to read. A lot of reasons are behind to prefer them.  Some are stick to read from hand task tools and other prefers to read comfortably using technology.

No need of too much devices or applications, you can start your PDF & E-book reading journey from your own computer. Daily, a lot of people are turning their window computers to read device. Enhance your reading experience with the following list. On this informative platform we have assembled a list that cover up the top notch PDF & E-book readers for window users.

9 Best PDF & E-book Readers for Windows

9 Best PDF & E-book Readers for Windows:

  1. NooK

PDF & E-book

Nook is absolutely free e-reading application for window user. It includes highlight and colourful catalogue along with user-friendly interface. Apart from its features it has integrated with books, magazines, newspaper and much more.  To download it now, browse the link of Nook.

  1. Cover –

PDF & E-book

If you are looking for comic books, this tool has just something exotic for you. It supports to both epub and mobi files. It works awesome when you are using touch-enabled device. Despite of this Cover is a popular platform for PDF, CBZ, RAR and image-based books as well.

  1. Calibre:

PDF & E-book

Calibre is one-stop solution to manage reading library. This is one of best choice of PDF & E-book readers. Download today to experience the great features of calibre. User-friendly interface attract beginners to use it easily.

  1. Fbreader:

Don;t get confused, this is not facebook application. Fbreader hosts numerous of features for its PDF & E-book readers.   Fb reader is very small in size which can easy to download and run on window computer with lower CPU resource utilization.

  1. Ice-cream E-book reader:

PDF & E-book

Ice-cream is another free and efficient PDF & E-Book reader for window user. This is absolutely free to manage digital library. This is the one of perfect and most demanding e-reading application.

  1. Kindle:

The interactive user-friendly interface of kindle is designed for window readers. This is available on the largest selling platform- Amazon. Apart from its features, this include a robust program to access it easy. To get more information about Kindle and its services browse the link.

  1. Sumatra:

PDF & E-book

Sumatra is one of Standard PDF & E-book applications for window user. Unlike cover, it also support to epub and mobi files format. Get it today to read PDF & E-book documents for academic and professional purpose.

  1. Bookviser:

PDF & E-book

Bookviser- An open source and free PDF & E-book application for window user.  It is compatible with e-book formats like TXT, epub and Fb2. You can access a number of free E-books rather than to download them.

  1. Freda:

PDF & E-book

Freda is one of easy to use ebook application which also support to Txt, epub, fb2, HTML and various ebook file formats. It offers extremely customizable features to read favourite books.