Computers and laptop devices rather any mobile device is also very complex and includes the parts and systems which are very difficult for a man of common parlance to understand. There are many systems in the computer like hard drives, operating system OS etc. which can crash easily at any hour. Besides this there are much other stuff like natural calamity and disasters which can corrupt your digital media, important files and documents. There are many people who regular do the back up of their system. There is also an online backup system which is available for the rest of the crowd. Many of us do not take the matters of backup seriously. But it’s a issues worth considering and is best method of securing the digital stuffs.

In online backup services there is software which the individual needs to install. After the installation it scans all the files and storage and encrypts them. This system offers security and transfers them to the cloud. At the same time these files can also be accessed by the individuals once they are restored. The files can be accessed through web browsers and mobile devices also. It is additional feature of the services. Some of the backup services is for free and some needs payments so the individual should know what they are getting. Here’s List Of Best Online Back Up Services.

12 Best Online Backup Services:

I Drive

IDrive- Online Backup

I drive is another form of the best online backup services which is inexpensive and it has plenty of systems which can help in backup services, monitor system and restore system. This system is excellent as it recognizes the other modified parts of the files and restores them. I drive can be linked across a number of drives. User defined key which is not stored in any server is used in this services in which all the files are stored with AES encryption of 256-bit. In the plan of 5 GB the data storage is free and otherwise the plan starts with $44.62 yearly.



This Online backup services is also one of the best services as it offers complete security to the system. It pivotally looks after the security and comprises of many other good system. Before the files get transferred to the cloud the SOS application will encrypt the files which uses AES 256 bit. In the SOS cloud the unique keys is not stored through which the users are protected is not stored there. Second layer encryption is done on AES 256 bit. There is no limit in the file size and storage and the back up is restored for files which are there always. Its plans comprises of $7.99 per month.


Back Blaze Online Backup

For unlimited files and unlimited data’s there is an option of backup through back blaze which is continuous. The external drives are automatically backed up through back blaze which includes restoration of files and folders from web browser. The files could be easily accessed through mobile applications also. The price at which back blaze starts are$50 per year and another best feature of back blaze is that deleted files could be retained in 30 days whether in hard drive or flash drive. Files which are stored on encrypted disk through a secure SSL connection can be transferred and stored on the encrypted disk.


online backup services

This is affort less backup system which is designed carefully with code 42. This plan is very efficient as it works behind the background while the work is continued on the system. There is automatic back up of files and the individual can have access to every version of the file. There is a automated alert system and notification is also given under monitor back up. Also, it is applicable in storage utilization the alert system. It is safe and protected with the price of $5 for per user monthly.


online backup services

System to the cloud gets automatically backed up. And it works in the background silently while the work is going into the system. An individual prior to leaving the system, the files are encrypted with 128 bit. This back up service is very useful for the business users. It also offers a clean remote backing service for the back up system. Sync, share and access of files can be done through mobile applications also. The rate is $59.99 yearly.


Mozy Online Backup

It offers backup solutions to all which comprises of individuals, business and enterprise and this system of backup is from EMC. It customizes all the automatic backup which includes files also. It is transferred to an external drive apart from the cloud. The plan, which is offered by Mozy is free as well as premium based pricing is also offered.

Sugar Sync

SugarSync Online Backup

In this system the online backup service offers the individuals with syncing of all folders automatically in the computer. It offers 5 GB free storage and $7.49 per month. There is a continuous backing up with files and folders can be easily accessed through any computer and mobile device.


SpiderOAK Online backup

This is another best online backup service which has features which focuses on security. The entire system is safe and secure through spider oak. It offers a free plan of 2 GB and is priced at $7 per month. The individual can create a password which is safe and secure and can share the files also. Unlimited version is offered through spider oak backup services with saved files and is visible only to the users. It back ups the files automatically.


OpenDrive Cloud Storage

For both individual and small business it is one of the best backup solutions. It offers 5 GB free plan and $6 monthly. A computer connected to any system the sync back ups the files. For the backup needs the back up service offers various kinds of storage of files, bandwidth etc.


Zoolz - Cloud Backup Solution

This backup services is very practical. It offers low cost services which have long term storage. It also offers long term storage of internal and network drives. It also benefits the individual as it offers the scheduling of files, filtering files, backup of files, speed limit uploading etc.

Nero Back it up

Nero BackItUp

This system restores the files in a complete system. It also offers the encryption of files prior to individual leaving the system. There is also a secure transfer of files which is encrypted and stored using AES 256 bit. A local copy is also saved in the external file.

Mozy home

online backup services

Mozy home is also another good back up service system which offers complete encryption and saving of the files in external storage. It is useful for both individuals as well as business enterprise. It offers a premium based pricing system which can be checked online.