Whenever you heard about “free” word, you can’t help yourself even for free drinks or free t-shirts. When you are spending too much on development and designing for your website project. Then, why you are paying for web hosting. To minimise the cost of your developed website, give a try to free hosting solutions for your small web projects.  Most of people throw their latest project on free hosting solutions without wasting money. Joomla is the one of best web hosting solutions in USA. There are a lot of web hosting solutions with suitable packages. You should also try. Scroll down; here we have listed out top 5 free hosting solutions for your small web projects. Take a look and choose your suitable package.

5 Free Hosting Solutions for Small Web Projects

5 Free Hosting Solutions for Small Web Projects:

  1. Award Space:

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Award space is gaining popularity among small industries. 90% people are happy with the result of Award Space. It allows free hosting, free ads, 1 E-mail account, 1 domain and 3 Sub-domain and 1GB storage to their new customers for long term relationship.

  1. X10hosting:

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X10hosting is United States based free hosting solutions site which gives you unlimited space. It allows you

2 domain names & 2 sub-domains, e-commerce platform, 3 free E-mail account and much more for your web project. Now, it has premium and paid features.

  1. 5GB free:

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As name suggests, 5GB free hosting solutions offers you 5GB free storage for your web projects. It is great deal for beginners. 5GB free offers you 1 FTP account, 1 Sub-domain and 20 GB bandwidth absolutely free. It is the one of most reliable and free hosting solutions for your small web projects.

  1. Zymic :

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Zymic is the one of fastest, best and free hosting solutions on the net. It includes the feature with support of latest PHP versions and 3 MySql databases. Zymic offers you 6GB disk space and 50GB bandwidth. It offers templates, articles, forum and tutorials to its new user. One of the most admirable feature of Zymic is live chat.

  1. Bravenet:

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Bravenet is one of Canada based free hosting solutions site which provide you free e-mail marketing platform. This is the one of only free website solutions which offers you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage. You can design a contact list and your message with the help of beautiful templates. It proposes you free drag and drop website builder tool.