CSS stands for cascading style sheet. A CSS editor enables users to specify various style properties for a provided HTML element such as colors, background and fonts.

CSS is the technology that we used in a website design. How your website will be look and presented to users it all depends upon CSS. When CSS was not there, all the presentational aspects of HTML documents  were contained within the HTML  limits, all font colors, background style, element alignments, boarder and sizes, marquee and all other things need to designed within HTML code.

If we use all fonts and color information repeatedly then it became a very difficult task to make a large websites. Because we need to repeat the information again and again on every page that makes it’s a lengthy process and also very costlier process too.

Top 6 Best CSS Editors For Ubuntu

But with CSS this problem is solved as now web designers can move much of that formatting information to a separate style sheet that makes a simple HTML markup.

CSS has brought revolution in programming and now most of the web applications are based on CSS only. There are many CSS editors available, but choosing the best and right one according to your need is really a difficult task. As every editor has its own spefications so we cannot trust easily which one is best for us. Here in this article we will tell you about top 6 best CSS editors which can full fill your requirements.

Top 6 Best CSS Editors For Ubuntu:-

  1.  jedit

Jedit is license under GNU version 2. It was written in java and it can run on MAC OS x, OS/2, Unix, VMS and windows. It comes with a built in macro language, extensible plug-in architecture and with hundreds of macros. You can also download its plug-in by using the “plug-in manager” feature. It supports a large numbers of characters encoding including UTF* and Unicode along with above that it supports more than 200 languages.

  1. SciTE

SciTE is a intilla base test editor.  It is currently available for INtel Windows and Linux compatible operating system with GTK+.  SciTE is generally practical editor with facilitates helpful in creating and running applications.

  1. Bluefish editor

Bluefish is a powerful editor targeted towards programmers and web developers with many. It supports many programming and markup languages. It’s a quite light weight editor and also very fast too. it supports you to open more than 500 documents simultaneously. You can work on multiple projects simultaneously as it can restore settings for each project.

  1. KATE

Kate is a powerful CSS editor and it comes as pre-installed with kubuntu, and it’s also a popular Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. It’s a lightweight and a fast editor that enables you to open multiple files in a same time. It support many languages and it can also detect language automatically for a document.


QUANTA are open source program that helps in effortless and fast web development. It allow you to work on multiple documents simultaneously where you can open and edit them. If we talk about its advanced features than it has team development and plug-in support.

  1. CSSED

Cssed is small CSS editing tool but very powerful in its performance. It’s an open source project so anyone can download the program with its source. It main features are syntax highlighting, syntax validation, MDI notebook based interface.

These above all are the best CSS editors or Linux. There may be a lot of others too that you feel are the best CSS editor tool for developing a website on Linux. But that all depend on your requirements and features that you are looking in editing tool. But I suggest you to opt a tool that can save your time and easy to maintain. Moreover it should also be capable to make superior style to HTML and also cost effective too.