There are many people who choose iPhones as their phones and they get many benefits from using an iPhone as these phone’s are powerful and many apps can be stored and its fun using an iPhone. The users of iPhone mostly charge their phone every day. The battery life of an iPhone can wear down if it is used heavily or too much of apps are used. The battery of iPhone, which drains faster can be saved in many ways. Conserving an iPhone battery is very necessary and some time people even choose to switch off their phone services.

There are many ways in which the iPhone battery can be saved. But the individual should not perform all the mentioned things to save the battery. Only some of the tips are very essential in saving the battery life and enhancing the iPhone utility. The tips which shall mentioned is a method in which the iPhone, users can rectify the applications and uses from where the battery is draining and close that application in order to save the battery. The attempt is being made to teach the users of iPhone how to make your iPhone standby several days without recharging.

How to Save Battery on iPhone

Here are the tips on how to save battery on iPhone:

Uninstall Applications

The first and the important method in which the battery life can be saved is to check on the iPhone, which applications you have installed which is eating up the battery life of the phone. There are certain applications which, when installed drains the battery life of the phone very faster. In case if the individual is using ios 9, then they can follow this procedure. Go to settings, then go to the general menu after which click on the battery option, then you can check which applications have been eating the battery life of the phone. Facebook eats up to 32% of the battery on an iPhone. Similar is the case with what’sapp and other applications

Disable the Background Refresh

For the apps which the individuals are not using it is advisable to turn off the background refresh for apps. This is also very important. When the background refresh app is turned off in iPhones the iPhones works faster. This is also one of the biggest reasons why the phone battery gets drained. To change the settings, go into the setting options for the iPhone, then go to general settings – there you will find background app refreshing option- turn off or disable the application for better use of the phone.

Total Clean Up

Another way in which the iPhone battery is eaten up fast is due to junks and spams which people have a habit of keeping on the phones. Total clean up of these junk files is very essential. Unwanted videos, images, and junk files, music, etc. occupy the maximum space in the phone and cleaning up this junk is very essential as it eats up 1 gigabyte of space of the iPhones. People can have iPad and iPhone cleaning tool through which the clean up of these becomes easy and the phone works more powerfully, faster and saves a lot of energy.

Brightness Adjustment

This is one of the essential features of the iPhone. The iPhone brightness must be adjusted as per the present environment. This improves the iPhone’s battery life when the phone’s display is kept away from having much brightness. For reducing the brightness go into the settings menu. Go in ‘display and brightness’ options and ‘turn off’ the brightness. This will help the phone a lot

Another Method

  • Keep the background clean
  • Auto lock your iPhone
  • Turn off Wi-Fi from your iPhone
  • Turn off location services