Linux Mainstream Distros are quite popular as they have a large number of developers working on them as well as a large number of users using them. In addition, these distros also have strong support system.

People often search alternatives for Linux Mainstream Distros but often get confused about which is the best one for them. So listed below are 7 best Linux mainstream distros alternative choices for you.

7 Linux Mainstream Distros Alternatives

7 Linux Mainstream Distros Alternatives:

  1. Puppy Linux

One of the best things about Puppy Linux is that it can run from a pen drive hence you do not necessarily have to download it and install it on your system. This distro is basically designed to work from portable devices. Another best thing about Puppy Linux is that its interface is attractive as well as very easy to use. This alternative for Linux Mainstream Distro comes in with package which is less than 200 MB is size.

  1. Simplicity Linux

The distro allows you to access the Slack ware repositories for installing those applications that are not already present on the system. The reason it provides access to these repositories is because it is based on the Slacko version of Puppy Linux. Although simpliciy Linux gives you look and feel of a standard desktop, it comprises of all the amazing little applications and also provides the performance benefits. There are 3 different versions of Simplicity Linux which are Minimal, Notebook and Full.

  1. Makulu

Design of this distro is very much inspired by Ubuntu MATE or Linux mint. If you love to play games, then Makulu is certainly one of the best alternatives for you. Thunderbird, Audacious, Kingsoft Office and Dropbox are already present in this distro.

  1. Sparky Linux

If you are a game freak then there is certainly no better alternative for Linux Mainstream Distro than a Sparky Linux. This distro utilizes the LDXE desktop environment which keeps it lightweight in nature. The use of Sparky Linux is not just restricted to games. It has several other useful applications that allow you to listen to music, watch videos, edit graphics and do a lot of other things.

  1. Zorin

This alternative for Linux Mainstream Distro is known for the appearance of desktop user interface. Zorin has a special feature that allows you to switch between Windows UI and GNOME 2 look.

  1. Netrunner

This distro is very much similar to Ubuntu. So, if you have ever used Ubuntu and loved then you are definitely going to love Net runner too. It has almost every good thing that is present is KDE, an alternative desktop environment for Ubuntu. In addition to that, it has several interesting features of its own as well.

It is very easy to install use and Net runner.

  1. Peppermint OS

This distro has a lot of useful applications like Gnome Mplayer, file manager, text editor, screenshot tool, music player etc. that makes the user experience very interesting. The ICE editor present in the Peppermint OS allows for the integration of web apps into desktop. If you have a desktop computer of mid-range which is used mostly for web applications then this distro is probably the best option for you.

These are some of the best Linux Mainstream Distros alternatives. However, there are several other options to explore. But, if you do not want to waste your time in looking out for the best alternative for Linux mainstream distro, then you can try one of the distros listed above. Different distros are meant for some specific purposes so make sure you choose the right one.