Remembering about a lot of passwords for computer, sites & services can strain to your memory. It is difficult to memorize them but more challenging phase is to crack them. Installing an anti-virus to system doesn’t mean your system is safe from cyber-threats. Still it is important to manage your strong passwords. Here we have listed out some password managers for secure system. Password manager is software to create, organize excellent passwords for different sites and remember them. Password managers create and save all passwords for you. Only you have to remember the password to open your manager. If you are still using plain text passwords then have a look and choose your password manager from this platform. While choosing your password manager, keep in mind following features:

  • Cross platform is a primary feature of every application.
  • It should offer you two- factor authentication.

Let’s discuss about the other features of password managers for secure system as below. Choose which one is better for you.

Best Password Managers

5 Best Password Managers to Keep Your System Secure:

  1. Keeper:

password managers for secure system

Keeper is one of password managers for secure system. It is secure, easy to use digital vault for all devices. It will protect and manage your passwords as well as other secret information. Keeper has a great feature of self- destruct. If it enabled and you are trying more than 5 times to open keeper manager then it will delete all information automatically. Two- factor authentication is major support of Keeper vault.

  1. Lastpass:

password managers for secure system

Lastpass is one of most popular and free password managers for secure system. It works for all devices. Lastpass also support to all browser and save passwords across websites & applications.

This application has the feature of password generator which creates strong passwords for you. When it’s time to change old password, first it generates a duplicate copy to store and alter with new one. Lastpass has easy to use interface.

  1. Sticky password:

password managers for secure system

Sticky password is worth and unique password managers for secure systems. You can download it on any device to subscribe its features. It has random password generator and auto fill online form.

The great feature of sticky password application is biometric confirmation. You can use fingerprint to identify. It offers you to host encrypted data backup online and easy to use interface.

  1. True key:

password managers for secure system

One of the most popular password managers for secure systems by Intel security is true key. It has stunning and amazing features such as cross-platform, two-factor authentication, fingerprint or facial recognition. True key has free and premium versions.

  1. Password Depot:

password managers for secure system

Password depot offers the free facility for 30 days and on 20 devices. Depot offers you to generate, store and move password from one device to another. You can store your important documents too. Importing passwords from other applications is the great feature of Password Depot.