Voice Recognition is a very popular concept in many sectors and hence there are many Voice Recognition tools that are used all round the globe. There have been a lot of innovations in this sector. For example the VoIP technology that is used extensively. VOIP or voice over internet protocol is a set of technologies that is used to communicate calls, messages, SMS, multimedia and conference through Internet protocol. There are many elements of this technology that makes it better and is used in varieties of other sectors such as Internet telephony, voice over broadband and that is the reason why these are so popular worldwide among the people.

This technology is almost similar to that of Public switched telephone network (PSTN) with few advantages of its own. One of the most popular examples of VOIP is Skype that has been very popular since its onset and there are many people all over the world that uses Skype for varieties of purposes such as calls, conference etc. Google talk is another one that employed VOIP to its best. This technology can be used in smart phones, windows mobiles, computers. There are VOIP phones that are manufactured by many companies all over the world and these phones are very popular. There are many features of these phones that are very much admired by the people all over the globe. A VOIP phone is designed to be utilized as much as possible and with efficiency.

Apart from that, these phones are equipped with converters that can convert the voice data into digital data and then store it in the memory. There are Ethernet ports on these phones that enable one to connect their computer to these phones. These are some of the things that make these phones some of the best in the market. This particular technology is cheaper than the Public switched telephone network (PSTN In this technology, both voice and data communication can be done in a single platform. In this content we will try to find out the 7 Best free voice recognition software.

Best Free Voice Recognition Software

7 Best Voice Recognition Software:

Dragaon Naturally speaking:

The Dragaon Naturally speaking turns the speech into text on your computer and the speed of this tool is awesome. It is about 160 words per minute. It has bandwidth efficiency. It saves a lot of money and especially for the corporate companies and their expenditures in calls have reduced drastically after the installation of this technology.


When we talk about the finest voice recognition software in the business, then this is the one name we must mention. It also allows multi-language voice recognition. This tool is also the perfect one for filling up forms on websites.


If you want to transform your speech into text on notepads, then this is the one tool that you need to look for. This is also known as the accurate speech recognition tool that has been very successful in the recent times in the business.


This tool is quite popular among the users all over the globe and it allows users for instant voice translation and auto punctuating. This also is known for its instant voice translation feature that is quite popular among the users all round the world.

Speech Assistant:

For offices and corporate where communications between employees is very crucial this is the tool that is suited the most. For enterprises too this is the best speech recognition tool in the business right now and there are many offices that are using this one.

Ameyo Engage:

For an international customer contact center, Ameyo Engage is the finest in the business. You can easily gain control of your business and contacts with this one in the business. The internet has been a boon to the world and now it is used everywhere. Earlier the commercial sectors used the Internet and now almost all over the world households include internet.

Crescendo Speech Processing:

This is a very good speech recognition tool in the business. There are many users who are suing this comprehensive speech recognition tool. For professional and dictation use, this is the perfect tool that one needs to look for.