Many people these days use cell phone for watching videos in good quality; 3gp is a very popular file format which is very much compressed in size. 3gp is known as Third Generation Party Project, this file format is used mostly on all 3g devices but it is also played on some 2g and 4g devices. 3gp files are very short sized and highly compressed so that these files can be played on mobile phone easily. 3gp file format stores data as MPEG 4 Part 2 or MPEG 4 Part 10 and the audio is stored in this format as AMR-NB.

3gp file format is the mostly used file format for playing video in mobile phone, it takes least space and quality is good and audio quality is also fine in this file format. Nowadays it used to play small sized movie which are downloaded from online websites, these movie are very small in size as compared to other file formats. This format is the mostly used since it was introduced and the introduction of the mobile videos at a time number of 3gp files can be saved in a 3g mobile phone as compared to files of other file formats.

Using video converters is the easiest way to convert large size file MKV, MP4 and H.263 formats. MP4 and MKV are very large formats these goes up to 1 GB plus whereas 3gp files are about 100MB plus in size. 3gp video converters converts any file format into 3gp file format which changing quality of audio and video much, there is slight difference in the quality as the video will compressed so there will be a little change not a very big change. Therefore 3gp video converters are very important, best 3gp video converters are as follows.

7 Best 3GP Video Converters to Convert Your Videos Instantly:

Total Video Converter:

total video convertor

This is the all in one convertor it can convert any video file format into 3gp file format and 3gp file format to any file format like MKV, MP4 AND MPEG4. This is mostly used convertor in the market and it also one of the convertor till date, it being used so much because of its highly utilizable features.

3GP to MP4 Convertor:

3GP to MP4 Convertor - 3GP Video Converters

This convertor is mostly used to convert 3gp video in to MP4 file format which is a very good format and is played on the high end devices only where as 3gp work in low end devices. Therefore people use 3gp to MP4 convertor so that they can play video in their high end devices.

Any Video Convertor:

any video convertor

This 3gp video convertor is also the mostly used convertor in the market it converts any video file format into 3gp files format and by this software 3gp file can also be converted to any file format.This feature make this application the best.

Media Convertor:

Media Convertor

This software is also the most used 3GP Video Converters software for the conversion of the mp4, mkv and other file formats to 3gp file format, this software is free of cost and is widely used by the users fir the video conversion.

Real Media Converter:

Real Media Converter - 3GP Video Converters

This software is used by the Android mobile phone user and id available in the Google play application, this application is capable of converting almost all video file formats in to 3gp file format which is mostly used these days.

Online Video Converter:

Online Video Converter

This software is capable of converting any video file format in to 3gp file format like MP4, MPEG4 and MKV. It mostly used software by the people all over the world; it converts video in to high quality.

Prism Video Converter:

Prism Video Converter

This 3GP Video Converters software is specially developed for the conversion of the different file formats to mobile friendly 3gp file format and it being used by the people who want to convert their files so that they can play them on their mobile device. This software is free of cost which makes it the ideal convertor.