Searching a perfect job according to your preference and qualification has become a very tough task in this era of competition. Getting a suitable job is not easy and never expects that you will succeed in just one attempt. On the basis of interest, people keep on searching new jobs in multiple profiles and it is very important to manage all this process. Without an organized job search, no one can get the desired results on time. To simplify this issue, some apps and tools to organize your job search are available on internet. All you need is the proper knowledge of using them.

The task of organizing your job search is as important as searching for perfect job. While searching on internet, you will find a number of software applications that are very helpful in management but most of them are very complicated in nature. If you are fed up of your current job and want to change the line with better options then this article may help you. With the help of some apps and tools to organize your job search, it is possible that you can found some better options as compare to the current job. Check out these tools in the below article:-

apps and tools to organize your job search

5 Apps and Tools to Organize Your Job Search:

apps and tools to organize your job search

Using job hero is a smarter way to organize your job search for better results. It helps in searching jobs, tracking the application form progress in real time and initiating your career goal. If you have no idea how to find a suitable job, the career advice section is also available that will provide you proper guidance. From this platform, you can easily upload and tag documents, make notes and obtain contacts information. With the help of its reminder, you can easily track the deadlines and due dates.

apps and tools to organize your job search

The spreadsheets of Microsoft excel are one of the best ways to organize your job search in proper manner. It is a customizable tool that you can modify according to your use. Here are some important things that you must consider while searching for a job:-

Job applied for

Name of company

Contact details

Date or resume submission


Source of job information

By mentioning all above headings in your spreadsheet and keeping their record on regular basis, one can easily organize the pattern of searching a job.

apps and tools to organize your job search

Kanban is the unique technique that has made this tool better than others by providing a systematic job organizing method. Here you can make multiple lists of jobs with job description, notes of interview in detail and the tasks that are required to perform. Also there is a chrome extension available that enables the user to view and manage all the record while working on any computer system across the world. By clicking on the live demo option of its home page, you can get all the information regarding the usage instantly.

apps and tools to organize your job search

With an extensive search feature to find the job and tracking suitable companies according to your preference, this has become one of the best apps and tools to organize your job search. Every kinds of companies are available in this platform from where you need to target a specific criteria. Also there is a complete library section where one can learn from the experiences of existing users of this service.

apps and tools to organize your job search

This online platform enables you to manage job applications, documents and relationships in a manner that you can get the best job option. It is accessible from anywhere once all the data is uploaded and organized. You can easily manage documents and receiver reminders regarding job alerts and interview dates. For better output, this website has integration with following platforms:-

  • Indeed
  • Glassdoor
  • Dice
  • Monster
  • AngelList