Every window user should aware about breakdown, malfunctions or recover/restore disk. When your system reboots itself, behaving strangely or getting error to start then it may demand for rescue disk. Rescue disks which are highly packed with repair tools to recover password or to detect damage data. Rescue disks are an efficient way to troubleshoot the problems. There are a bunch of great rescue disks to save your computer such kinds of problems. If you need to clean up your garbage system, here we listed out 5 best rescue disks to recover system.

Rescue Disks for Windows system restore

5 Best Rescue Disks for a Windows System Restore; –

  1. Redo backup and recovery: –

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Redo is open source and cross platform rescue disk. It is the one of most easiest and most demanding solution to recover disaster damage data. It doesn’t matter whether you are a window user or Linux user, this is a live CD. Standard features of Redo Backup are as following: –

  • Graphical user interface
  • No need to installation
  • Saves and restores for cross-platform systems
  • Support to internet access
  • 250 MB size of live CD
  1. Hiren’s Boot CD: –

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Hiren boot CD is best aid kit to recover your system. This is one of most popular rescue disks. The great and cool features are listed below: –

  • Support to wealth of tools such as antivirus tools, backup tools, driver tools, secure data wiping tool and partitioning tool.
  • Easy to install
  • Support to MiniXp environment
  1. Ultimate Boot CD: –

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Ultimate Boot CD is another rescue disks to troubleshoot the infected problems. It includes the features: –

  • Boot repair tool
  • Data recovery tool
  • Hard disk and partition management
  • Hardware benchmarking apps
  1. Knoppix: –

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Knoppix is one of free and open source rescue disks to read and write windows operations.  This disk includes the program such as the zimp, Mozilla, Apache, MySQL and other high quality programs. If you want more information about Knoppix, Browse the above link.

  1. Trinity Rescue Kit: –

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Trinity is one of best rescue disks especially for windows as well as Linux users. TRK has different tools and modes to recover data, for clone drives and for partitioning management. You can switch to command line prompt for more flexibility and easy to use. Browse the link, to get more information or features of Trinity.