No matter, whether you are using a personal laptop or Desktop, each user has their own choice of software/applications. Linux is one of best, task-oriented and massively used operating system with high-quality performance. Every user has own choice of applications on the basis of their preferences, habits or more. If you are searching for long term Linux software, then the following list will provide you true & best Linux software that are truly popular in Linux world.  On this informative platform, you will found reliable information. It would be little hard to choose best ranking software but some interesting facts, functions and features will help you.

9 Best Linux Software of All Time

9 Best Linux Software of All Time: –

  1. Tweetdeck: –

Linux software

Highly recommendable and customizable software that support to web browser such as Firebox and Chrome to install it is Tweetdeck. Additional features are –

  • Multiple timelines
  • Support for scheduling tweets
  • Filter searching
  • Good quality themes
  1. CentOS: –

Linux software

CentOS is one of best Linux software which is well known for its server services. Desktop versions are upgrade time to time.  This is the one of personal choice software. Cool features are –

  • Stability & robustness
  • Binary compatible
  • Predictable and open source
  1. Zorin: –

Linux software

Ubuntu based Zorin has Graphical User Interface like Windows. Latest version of Zorin was released in September 2016. The purpose of Zorin distribution is to offer an operating system just like windows for their users without any technical issue.

Additionally, it is designed to make your computer faster, powerful and more secure. Reliable and virus free features are notable.

  1. Mageia: –

Linux software

Mageia is the version of Mandriva Linux, which is one of secure, stable and best Linux software. Interesting fact about Mageia, it support to full DVD installation to choose a wide variety of desktop applications. Browse the link to download it today.

  1. Fedora: –

Linux software

Fedora is one of up-to-date and user friendly Linux software. It offers huge improvements which make it capable and very helpful to fresher. Easy to use Fedora has following features: –

  • Superior security
  • Highly innovative
  • Featured packed package
  • Popular Known for CD or DVD feature.
  1. OpenSUS: –

Linux software

The first priority of developers & system administrators is OpenSUS which is one of best Linux software. One of top and award-wining SuSe has following features: –

  • Intuitive and comprehensive tools
  • Couple of software packages
  • Excellent documentation
  • Reliable and stable
  1. Linux Mint: –

Linux software

Well known, Ubuntu based and powerful Linux software is Linux Mint. It allows you to choose a wide variety of desktop environments. After its installation, you will be able to enjoy music and videos. Notable features are as bellowed: –

  • Easy to use
  • Powerful and stable
  • Free of cost and open source
  • Safe, robustness & reliable
  1. Light Table: –

Linux software

Light Table is one of modern looking and advanced coded Linux Software. It support to a couple of different and scripted languages. Apart from others, it holds the instant feedback option.  Additional features are –

  • Open source
  • Innovative Inline Evaluation
  • Powerful editing
  • Watches & Malleable
  • Plugin Manager
  1. Brackets: –

Linux software

Beautiful and light-weighted text editor software is Brackets, especially for Linux users. Standard and cool features of Brackets are –

  • Automatic indentation & Folding
  • Countless themes and plug-ins
  • Browser support
  • Live preview