A digital camera, a computer or any other mobile devices, memory card is inevitable in all of these. But when you lose the data, what you do? Here is what you need to know. An SD card is very useful in our day to day life. But sometimes the users may face some problems because of the camera and the memory card failure of the camera is one such reason. As the memory cards are very small and delicate they may crush, bend or drop and there is every possibility for the cards to fail. In such cases we need to approach a professional expert who helps in the data recovery process from the memory card. Below we have highlighted a few points why the memory cards fail and they are:

The physical failure issues are very common in the cameras. In such cases we should focus on the memory chip. The cutting edge chip readers help us to read data from the memory card. Hence the data can be recovered with the help of the memory chip. Power surge or power spike is the real reason for this kind of failure. The electronic failure damages the circuit board due to which the memory chips cannot be read. But the success rate is high when data needs to be recovered.

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Overwriting of the original data on the memory card occurs due to accidental formatting or deletion of the memory cards. This failure is very common, but many of the experts can rectify this problem with ease. The memory card sometimes does not perform and it gets corrupt. The memory card is degraded and the data becomes unreadable and unwritable. The memory card is in such a situation that we cannot even copy any important files. The files and the folders, keep appearing and disappearing. There are a variety of reasons for an external hard drive to fail and we should approach a professional data recovery specialist. The failures are the blue crash screen, grinding or clicking noises or even due to low performance.

Data Recovery Software

13 Best Data Recovery Software that are Free:


BThere are free and paid versions of this toll and according to many users both of the works fine. It is the best one for recovering lost data in windows partitions and Linux.

Pandora Recovery:

Some users rate this one to be the best in the business. This one is a versatile tool that can bring back almost most of the lost data’s.

PC INSPECTOR File Recovery:

When we talk about the most trusted file recovery tool in the business the one tool that is the best is PC INSPECTOR File Recovery.

PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery:

PC INSPECTOR Smart Recovery is a very popular online tool that allows the users to recover lost data’s in most of the memory devices.


In case you have used the Shift+Alt+Delete. This tool helps you to recover the data’s.

ADRC Data Recovery Software Tools:

In cases when you lost the data you should turn off the computer and approach a service that helps in the data recovery process by this tool. When the computer is turned off there is every possibility that the data can be recovered.

Active File Recovery:

Active File Recovery is another popular tool that enables one to recover the lost data. There are many users that are using this one all over the globe.

Active Partition Recovery:

The hard disk sometimes beeps and creates buzz noises. This is an indication that the hard drive has failed. This may sometimes happen when the hard drive falls. But the failure can be rectified when we deal with some professional experts and the lost data’s can be recovered by using this tool.


Sometimes the communication problem occurs between the hard drive and the computer, and that is when you lost the data’s. The Firmware is the software program which acts as the communicator. The data platters where the firmware codes are located may sometimes fail. Due to damage in the platter the data may be lost from the external hard drive. That is when uses this tool.

NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit:

The NTFS Data Recovery Toolkit is the best one in the business right now. There are many people who are using this tool.


The Unformat is another popular data recover tool in the business that allows you to recover lost data’s fast.


IF you lose data due to damage this is the right tool to recover those data’s.

Active Boot Disk Lite:

This is a very popular data recovery software in the business that enables you to recover your lost data’s.