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How to Launch Your Default Apps With Simple Commands in Ubuntu

The reliability of Linux operating systems is much higher as compare to windows from many aspects whether it is about the security or system crash. That is the reason why most of the developers prefer Linux over any other OS. Ubuntu is a debian based operating system

How to Run Android Apps on macOS

Currently android is the leading operating system in Smartphone industry because it is open source, so anyone having little programming knowledge can develop its applications. The number of android mobile applications is much higher as compare to any other platform. Applications offered by android are very useful

8 Tools to Boost Productivity of Content Creators

To have good content on your website it is very important with the rising of the online marketing. It has become very necessary to have some good and creative contents in your online portals and online magazines. Without which the online contents fades away and makes it

11 Best Alternate Web Browsers for Windows

The internet which we use is through web browsers. But many times while using the web browser we don’t get a second thought about the various features of the web browsers. The most common form of web browsers which we use in the windows is Google chrome,

How to Turn on Instagram’s Two-Factor Authentication

An average internet user spend most of his/her time on various social media websites for interaction with people, and applications like Instagram and Whatsapp are some popular names in this category. Generally an id and password requirement is essential to protect your account but this security is not enough

How to Hide the Pesky Windows Defender Icon in the System Tray

Windows operating system is helping people in simplifying their work since its first version was launched and it is adopting advancement day by day. The latest edition provided by Microsoft as windows 10 is very special from many aspects such as its security features, user interface and

10 Best Tools to Convert HTML to PDF Files

HTML is the common language that is used for creating WebPages. Most of the information that is displayed by the web browser is created using HTML. As per the principles followed by HTML, the concentration is more on the information structure and less on the appearance. This

How to Prevent Windows 10 Restarts When You’re Actively Using It

Microsoft has launched the latest version of windows operating system named as windows 10 with many smart features for users. These features are helpful in doing important activities that are generally ignored by users while running computer system. But the smart functions are not always useful and

How to Remotely Manage a Linux Server with SSH

Linux is an open source operating system which is much reliable and robust as compare to windows. This powerful OS is basically used by software applications developers which are completely free of cost. The Linux server is an upgraded variant of Linux OS which is very helpful

Top 20 Best Free Online Photo Editing Websites

No doubt Photoshop is best photo editing software. Many people use Photoshop for editing photos and to add some cool effects. However, there are some people who are not acquainted with Photoshop. So, to make those things learn, we suggest you to use some other tools. For