Internet is flooded with websites. Why wouldn’t it be? After all, a website is very important for creating online presence and reaching a wider audience. A website is quite important for the success of a business, no matter how big or small it is. Two things that are very important for creating a website is buying the custom domain and deciding for the designing of the website. While buying a custom domain is easy as well as inexpensive; designing a website is very tough as well as expensive. And many companies, that are just starting up often find it difficult to spare a big amount for website development. Well thanks to various free templates available online that can help you create an amazing website and that too free of cost.

There are a lot of templates for websites and blogs available on the internet but you have to search for just the right one. Once you find the perfect template, you will also find the ways to transform that perfect template into the perfect blog or website. If you are having trouble finding a nice template for your website or blog, then have a look at the list of online free template generators below.

9 Free Online Template Generators for Websites or Blogs

9 Free Online Template Generators for Websites or Blogs:

HTML CSS PHP Website Template Maker

HTML and CSS are commonly used for creating an amazing looking website or blog. However, you can use the HTML CSS PHP Website Template Maker and you will have to spend no time in writing the code all by yourself. This template maker will create a two column layout but without any tables.

WordPress Theme Generator

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms used today for creating blogs and websites. It has a huge collection of free templates that can help you create an amazing looking blog or website. Once you choose the template, all you have to do is to upload all your data onto it.

do Template

It is a huge collection of free templates for websites that can be customised before download. Do Templates can be used for creating blogs as well.


It is a simple template generator that has a list of predefined themes to choose from that can be customised as per user’s choice and requirements. You can place ads, contact forms, maps, images and whatever you want on these templates and then publish the website or blog on your purchased domain.


It is one of the most powerful template generators available on the internet that allows you to create themes for some of the most popular platforms for web development. Artisteer also has a long list of predefined templates that can be used to create a beautiful looking website or blog.


This is another amazing free online template generator that allows you to create template just by filling out the form available on their website.

Cool Template

It is an online template generator that is used for creating amazing designs for your website within minutes. This online template generator can be used to create blog designs for multiple platforms like WordPress, Joomla or html template.

Web 2.0 Templatr

This template generator has more than 20 predefined layouts to choose from. You can even create a template of your own with Templatr.


This online template generator allows you to create a flash website and that too without writing the code. Wix is the perfect solution for photographers, artists, musicians and everyone who want to have personal website to promote their products.