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How to Disable Ads and Notifications in Windows 10 File Explorer

Windows 10 is the most recent version of windows operating system from the house of Microsoft. The features of this operating system are very user friendly in the sense of enterprise as well as personal use. You will discover a wide range of interesting functions that were

7 Tools That Can Boost Efficiency of Your Employees

The attainment of highest output is the top factor of an organization. And highest output is driven through the team efforts. And higher the team efforts are driven through employees’ performance. Higher the performance of the team or employees in the organization, it will lead to higher

Top 10 Tricks That Every Computer Geek Must Know

Nowadays everyone is interested to know about informative computer tricks that will make your work more easier. Well, we all know computer technology is growing day by day and due to this, work complications may get reduced . Basically this is an advancement for all of us

Top 7 Websites That Offer Online Coding Courses

Are you planning to learn coding and programming in this year? Don’t you think learn this course online is more interesting way to gain knowledge and this will save your time too. Feeling amazed to hear that how you can do these course online? Yes, Nowadays Online

5 Tips to Solve Linux & Unix System Hard Disk Problems

Taking the backup is a daunting task as it may lead to lost files, folders or accidental hard disk formatting. Ever your hard disk crash or leading to poor stability term? If the backup failed because of storage full or write problem to disk then following are

6 Best Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity at Work

A lot of innovative technologies emerge to the browser for amazing productivity.  More than a fourth part of web-based traffic comes out from the people who are using Google Chrome. Even we all are trying to find the next level of a productivity tool. Thousands are preferred

5 Best Rescue Disks for a Windows System Restore

Every window user should aware about breakdown, malfunctions or recover/restore disk. When your system reboots itself, behaving strangely or getting error to start then it may demand for rescue disk. Rescue disks which are highly packed with repair tools to recover password or to detect damage data.

7 Top Open Source IP Address Management Software

IP address management software is tool for keeping track of what is on your network, how it configured and when it changes.  If you are admin in an organization then you should use open source IP Address management software tools to hold a pool of IP addresses,

5 Best Password Managers to Keep Your System Secure

Remembering about a lot of passwords for computer, sites & services can strain to your memory. It is difficult to memorize them but more challenging phase is to crack them. Installing an anti-virus to system doesn’t mean your system is safe from cyber-threats. Still it is important

10 Ways to Check Memory Usage in Linux

On Linux operating system there are lots of commands for almost everything. Linux offers you wealthy options to use its memory. It is really a tough job every system administrator to manage memory on Linux system in large company. Here we have listed out Top and best