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How to Easily Transfer All Your Data to a New Android Device

Android has become one of the widely used operating system among all mobile platforms because nobody else can provide you this level of advanced features at affordable price. As being an existing android user, the problem starts occurring when you plan for switching to an upgraded version

10 Open Source Mobile Development Tools

With wide range of options, large and medium development companies are growing in mobile world to offer mobile applications. Each tool/platform is unique. Also, each has different features, capabilities, advantages, drawbacks and behavior. In this age and day, every one is now familiar to open source mobile

550+ Best Facebook Status Updates

Facebook has been ruling the web from many years as one of the most popular social networking platform. With over 1.65 Billion monthly active users Facebook becomes the number one social networking platform worldwide. Facebook provides a lots of cool features after registering on the website like

8 Things You Can Do With Your Old Smartphone

It is undoubtedly the era of smartphones. Phones these days are capable of doing a lot of things which has increased the dependency of people on these devices. Technology is advancing at a rapid rate and in every few days, there is a new and amazing phone