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10 Best eCard Sites To Send Free Birthday Cards Online

These days people are so busy in their own worm they don’t get enough time to meet and greet their near and dear, these days people use online site or e-site to send the greeting cards to their dear ones. Online sites for sending birthday cards are

5 Ways to Sync Music to Your iPhone without iTunes

The ios operating system of Apple Company is considered as one of the robust platforms for mobile devices. There are lots of security measures set by company to ensure the privacy and protection from unwanted potential threats. Generally it is assumed that iTunes platform is the only

7 Best Free Online Radio Apps for Linux Users

Music is a breather in this fast life style of us. Music has been in our habits for centuries. In the olden days, it was the stages enact that people enjoyed or the street performers that entertained thousands. With the change in time and technology things are

7 Best 3GP Video Converters to Convert Your Videos Instantly

Many people these days use cell phone for watching videos in good quality; 3gp is a very popular file format which is very much compressed in size. 3gp is known as Third Generation Party Project, this file format is used mostly on all 3g devices but it

8 Web Apps to Create Animation Gif

Animation Gif is a way to express your feeling by designing in your own way. With the help of gif file, you can create exceptional and impressive animation. This is the era of animated files and recordings. You can create your own by using simple and easy

10 Craziest Gadgets To Click A Perfect Selfie

There has been an immense craze of selfies not only among teenagers and youth but among adults as well. These days, wherever people go, it is must for them to click a selfie. It is like their trip, party or any other occasion seems to be incomplete

550+ Best Facebook Status Updates

Facebook has been ruling the web from many years as one of the most popular social networking platform. With over 1.65 Billion monthly active users Facebook becomes the number one social networking platform worldwide. Facebook provides a lots of cool features after registering on the website like