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19 Best Free Video Editing Software for Windows

Looking to make some changes in the video or you just don’t like some part of the video. Don’t worry you are at the right place, Video Editing software allows you to edit your videos on the go. Videos editing is no longer a tough task, you

12 Best Online Backup Services

Computers and laptop devices rather any mobile device is also very complex and includes the parts and systems which are very difficult for a man of common parlance to understand. There are many systems in the computer like hard drives, operating system OS etc. which can crash

How to Disable Ads and Notifications in Windows 10 File Explorer

Windows 10 is the most recent version of windows operating system from the house of Microsoft. The features of this operating system are very user friendly in the sense of enterprise as well as personal use. You will discover a wide range of interesting functions that were

7 Free Tools To Mount ISO Image Files As Virtual Drives

The term ‘ISO image’ is an archive folder of a visual disc. It’s a kind of disk image that collected the data stuffing from an every written segment on an optional disc. It includes an optional disc file method. An ISO image files generally have a file

7 Best File Recovery Software Programs

As we all are spending so much time with our computers or laptops or Smartphone. These systems we are used for calling purpose, playing online games, using social media sites, taking selfies or images or videos, storing official documents, using an email and many other important things.

5 Best Rescue Disks for a Windows System Restore

Every window user should aware about breakdown, malfunctions or recover/restore disk. When your system reboots itself, behaving strangely or getting error to start then it may demand for rescue disk. Rescue disks which are highly packed with repair tools to recover password or to detect damage data.

9 Tools to Monitor & Examine the Windows Registry

The window registry term is one of most popular term in operating systems. All operating systems have their own window registry. Through window registry command experts can increase the performance of their computer.  But if you don’t have technical knowledge, you will definitely delete some files which

9 Best PDF & E-book Readers for Windows

Reading is a passionate hobby and billions of people are going to net for read something related to their filed. A lot of you prefer to PDF files and E-book to read. A lot of reasons are behind to prefer them.  Some are stick to read from

5 Free Microsoft Online Services & Apps You Didn’t Know Existed

When you think up for Microsoft, what strikes to mind first? Expensive software or Apps? It may take little time to think something positive about Microsoft online services and apps. Microsoft’s office suite is free for iPad, iPhone and Androids.  Office strategy includes Excel, PowerPoint and word.

Top 6 Open Source Disk Cloning & Imaging Software

Open source disk cloning and imaging are two different processes to copy the data of hard drive. Although they are made for same purpose but their working process is different from each other. Disk cloning creates a functional one to one copy of hard drive. On the